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Ugh. It's too damn hot.

I'm still working on character sketches. I've been going through a drawing slump lately, so most stuff I start gets tossed before anything comes of it. I'm making progress, though. If all goes well I should have the meme sketches done in a few days, and then I'll concentrate on birthday drawings and lotus_faerie's portrait. And the latest chapter calls for some Sessmom yuri, definitely.

I've been decidedly less productive as far as writing goes. I think I might cave in and participate in iy_flashfic again in August, even though I told myself I wouldn't until I finished some WIPs. That plan was supposed to motivate me to finish things, but it hasn't really accomplished anything and I miss flashfic. I like the challenge and the suspense and even though my stories aren't always that great, I always try my hardest. That's something, isn't it? I'll have to decide. The end of the month is fast approaching, after all.

Oh, but in somewhat exciting news (for the one and a half people on my flist who care about Suikoden), I wrote a drabble (Suikoden V, Lucretia/Lelei, R for girlsex). Okay, maybe it's not a huge deal, but for all that I love Suikoden, this was the first thing I've ever written for it. I am extremely excited about Suikoden in general again, and I have plans for at least a few more drabbles and a couple characters that I want to draw and such. I found a Suiko-art community, 108fanarts, that looks like it could be cool. ( No, I am not abandoning the Inuyasha fandom or anything like that. I'm just a fandom slut.)

Finally, faemous posted this meme and I thought it was a cool idea:

My flist is composed mostly of people whom I've met through fandom. Most of you are writers, and although I don't always comment on the things you write, I do read them. I notice styles, details, certain turns of phrase that are Or at least I think I do.

That being said, I thought it would be fun if you, as a writer, would indulge me by writing a few paragraphs--ANONYMOUSLY--in a comment and let me try to guess who you are. Just be yourself as hard as you can be and write some fiction.

Go to town!
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