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Today was nice. Last night, not so much. Without going into a lot of detail, my upstairs neighbor was arrested (for what exactly, we're not sure) and I ended up watching some kids and a cat while her friend attempted to go bail her out. This did not happen. Now I am keeping an eye on the kitten until she (neighbor, not kitten) is released on Monday (I hope). ...Luckily I do not have to watch her kid.

But today. Yeah, that was good. Hung out with a friend most of the day, and we went to see The Descent, which I was pleased with. Afterwards we went to browse in Barnes & Noble, and I saw that Tam Lin by Pamela Dean is back in print (albeit with an ugly cover, but the book is awesome so that can be easily overlooked). I squealed about that happily for a while, glad in the knowledge that when I have money again I could buy it, but my friend was a sweetheart and just bought it for me.

I was tagged by lucindathemaid:

List your current six favorite songs of the moment, then pick six other people that have to do the same.

I'm sort of weird about music. I tend to get obsessed with a certain song and listen to it obsessively until a new one replaces it. So, my current clear favorite song of the moment would be...

1. "Queen of the Surface Streets" - DeVotchKa You may remember a few months back when I constantly pimped another DeVotchKa song, "Dearly Departed". Still love that one. Love just about anything by DeVotchKa, but this one has captured my fancy lately. Anyhoo, they are a unique sound. Sort of...jeez, I dunno, Ukrainian folk music/gypsy/indie rock/something else. I adore them, and you should download, so you can adore them, too.

Others that are up there...

2. "Positive Contact" - Deltron 3030 This was a collaborative work between Del the Funkee Homosapien--you may be familiar with his work with Gorillaz (that was him in "Clint Eastwood" and "Rock the House")--and various others. The end result was a concept album set in a dystopian year 3030, featuring Del's character fighting against the corporations that rule the universe. What can I say, I enjoy high-concept hip-hop.

3. "Transcending Love" - HIMEKAMI The opening theme to Suikoden III. I am going through a big revival of my Suikoden love lately, but this song is awesome at any time. One (of many) things the Suikoden games are good at is creating unique and consistent cultures; this song represents the Grasslanders, and it combines some elements of aboriginal/tribal music & chant, with an insidiously hypnotic beat.

4. "Currents" - Ikuko The opening theme to Suikogaiden Vol. I: The Swordsman of Harmonia. Yes, more Suikoden music. I dunno, I just like this song. It's pretty, it's catchy, it reminds me of Nash. Mmm, Nash.

5. "Take to the Sky (little passion remix)" - Tori Amos This is the song I've been playing every day when I escape from work. Just hop in my car and crank it. Heh, I don't really have much to say about this song, but I listen to it a lot lately, so it needs to be here.

6. "LONELY ROLLING STAR" - Kabata Saki From the Katamari Damacy soundtrack. The whole album is pretty much great, and I listen to it a lot, but since this is only supposed to be six songs I'll slap this one up here. Another hypnotic beat with a classic video game flavor and syrupy sweet vocals that are nonetheless appropriate & endearing.

Anyway, download and enjoy (or not). If you dl, please let me know what you think. :)

I tag...uhm. aoi_tsuki1, hallowd, qem_chibati, incoh, faemous, and the_firefly, who hopefully have not already been tagged for this. I miss things sometimes.

I'm contemplating making a Suikoden pimp post. I realize it's harder to get into video game fandoms because it's often more of an investment of time/money than a lot of movie/show/book/comic fandoms, but it really does need more love. *mulls over various things*
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