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A quick update in bullet points:
  • I have a new job, officially! Yay! However...

  • ...for at least a little while, I am still working at my old job too, while I'm being trained in on the new one. Right now my days are insanely long and I haven't been around much at all; free time is kind of non-existent. So, I will continue to be scarce for a bit

  • My hot water heater broke again sometime on Friday, and they only just finally replaced it today. I seem to have horrible luck with hot water heaters, I guess. But the ability to take a hot shower again=heaven. *contented sigh*

  • I know I have missed stuff, so please please please link me here if there's been anything you'd like me to see!

  • Inuyasha flashfic is still being worked on; it's my first priority right now.

  • Ficlet requests are still open, though I probably won't be posting any of those till at least this weekend.

  • I just know there was something else, but I've forgotten it now. OH WELL.

Tags: bullet point time, real life, request fic, writing
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