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Part of me feels like I should be updating my journal more now because I can again. Honestly, though, I really haven't got much to say. So I haven't.

I still get online mostly in fits and starts, and I've been really bad about commenting when I do. I mean, I've been reading entries pretty regularly now, and there have been a lot I intend to comment to, because I feel like I actually have something to say. The problem is, I've gotten into a habit where I always keep reading all the new entries and intend to go back and comment and then by the time I would, I am either out of time or out of energy. I need to work on that. I miss interacting with people here on a more regular basis. I think part of that is just that my friendslist is quite a bit bigger now, and it's harder to stay on top of everything.

Okay, goals for this month...basically it comes down to starting to actually write again. I've got an overdue Inuyasha flashfic that I will finish. Signed up for a Bleach flashfic because I am starting to feel more comfortable writing for Bleach and a deadline forces me to actually produce. I've seen a lot of people doing 31_days, and while I won't sign up, it's kind of inspiring. Oh, and I signed up for Remix Redux V. (why not sign up?)

Meh. I feel like I need to reacquaint myself with the Inuyasha canon, too. It's been two or three years now since I watched/read most of it. I'm starting to feel shaky on characterizations, and I'm sure I'll find some new inspiration, too.

Oh, and I've been introducing my mom to Avatar. I've got her halfway through the first season now, and I think she's surprised by how much she likes it. Sokka is her favorite.
Tags: inuyasha, remix/redux, writing
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