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Happy birthday, adesso! Feel free to request a birthday ficlet! Whatever you like (provided I know it, of course, but I think we have most fandoms in common)!

...On that note, everyone feel free to request a ficlet, if you haven't already. I'm a little slow, but I'll do them all. I swear.

I just randomly bought four video games within three days. No real reason. Well, except that I wanted them. But I have like 486 other games lying around here that I have to finish, so it wasn't exactly a pressing need. ...I choose to arbitrarily blame _tehriah, since she put the idea into my head.

Meh. I caved. I AM CURIOUS, OKAY? Go, and reveal all your sekrit-est, honest-est thoughts about me. Or, you know. Whatever.

Leave a comment asking me to assign you a letter. Then list ten of your favorite songs that begin with that letter in your journal.

dawnsama gave me a G. In no particular order:

1. "Golden Slumbers" - The Beatles
2. "Goodnight and Go" - Imogen Heap
3. "Grip!" - Every Little Thing
4. "Girl" - Tori Amos
5. "Gloomy Sunday" - pretty much any cover, but my absolute fave is the Artie Shaw version.
6. "God Only Knows" - The Beach Boys
7. "Goodnight Moon" - Shivaree
8. "Gaidheal" - Mary Jane Lamond
9. "Glowing Logos" - The Servant
10. "God Drinks at the Sando" - The Whitlams

Normally I'd upload all of these, but I'm as I'm on dial-up that would take 37189 hours, so I'll pass. If you have a particular one you want uploaded, let me know.

Another extremely random entry. Hmm.

ETA: Oh my god. Oh my god. I need to pimp some gift!fic I got.

Firstly, insanely_poetic wrote me FFIX fic. (She actually wrote it a while ago, but in the midst of moving and stuff, I missed it. Luckily she just told me about it. :D ) Of Iron and Steel. Beatrix. Steiner. Sparring. Backstory. Yummy.

anaphalis just posted her answer to my request on her AR challenge. It's Twelfth Night fanfic! With femmeslash! And she wrote it in metre! fakjhkfgfalbvlkjfba;ghdf! Making Apples. Olivia/Viola. Orsino/Sebastian. BARD FANFIC. Beautiful. Hilarious. hfsdijfgalkdfdsf!

Tags: birthday, fic rec, gift-fic, meme
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