prpl pen (prpl_pen) wrote,
prpl pen

Yet another month has nearly gone by and I can't figure out where it went. Hm. Mysterious.

This means I need to really get working on finishing some more writing. Ficlet requests, for one; flashfics, for another. And then there's Remix/Redux to contend with. Technically that's not due till next month, but I have a wedding then (eek! That's another thing I have to do really really soon: sew my "best maid" dress!) so I should be responsible and make sure I'll be finished before I have to leave. I work a few overnight shifts this week, though, so I'm thinking that's the perfect time to write, write, write! Nights are quiet because generally everyone is just...sleeping.

In the meantime, meme from paynesgrey:
1) Tell you why I friended you.
2) Associate you with a song/film.
3) Tell a random fact about you.
4) Share a memory about you.
5) Associate you with a character/pairing.
6) Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
7) Show you my favourite user pic of yours.
8) In exchange, you can repost this in your LJ (if you feel like it)
Tags: meme, remix/redux, writing
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