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Rrarrr... I finally have a chance to catch up a little on LJ comments and I can't. I keep getting some wonky error every time I try to submit one now. And it appears to be sending multiple blank comments through, so apologies if you got any of those from me. Not only that, but every time I try to use my scrapbook, it tells me I can't access it because I'm not logged in (I AM). Figures.

It looks like December again. We got like a foot of snow yesterday, and it's still snowing lightly and blowing. Just when the mud was drying up and it was starting to actually look like spring!

Anyhoo. The Last Unicorn. 25th Anniversary Edition.

I'm not even sure when this came out. It may be that it's been out for months already. All I know is that this has been a favorite movie of mine since I was wee, and I watched it on CED obsessively. (Do you remember those? They were a video format on huge flat vinyl discs that looked like records, and you had to stop in the middle of the movie to flip them over to watch the other side? ...Have I just horribly dated myself?) The point is, I saw it and looked and saw it was supposedly remastered, so of course I had to get it.

The Good:

-It really is remastered. I was sort of despairing of ever getting a nice clean copy of this movie, since the last DVD version they issued was a straight-up transfer of the VHS copy: letterboxed, scratchy picture, and all. The difference between that version and this one is amazing. The colors, once so washed-out and muddy, are lush and vibrant (sometimes surprisingly so). It's widescreen. The sound is remastered too, though that I notice less because I don't have a nice sound system for my television.

-There really isn't much in the way of special features, but there is a nice little featurette of Peter S. Beagle speaking about the story. Nothing really spectacular, but he's one of my favorite writers, so I enjoyed it.

The Bad:

-They edited it. Nothing huge, basically just removed all the "damn"s & "hell"s, I suppose in a bid to make it more "kid-friendly" (though despite this they inexplicably left in the bare breasts on the harpy). I'm mostly annoyed at the fact that it was edited at all, though I think Molly's initial anger at seeing the unicorn loses a lot of impact with that one "damn you" removed. She's cursing her, literally, she's so upset. This is so my favorite scene in the movie, so I hated to see it lose some of its power because heaven forbid there should be swearing in a cartoon! Bleah.

The Ugly:

-Mia Farrow still sings. (Haha, just kidding. Mostly.)
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