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I feel like all I post is memes lately. Actual post forthcoming, really.

Drop me a comment and I will give you 3 interests on your list, and 3 of your icons, for you to explain.

(You can explain in comments, btw, you needn't do a whole post unless you feel like it.)

Soo..._tehriah asked about these:


chronicles of prydain

This would be a ya fantasy series by Lloyd Alexander, comprised of a series of five volumes and a book of short stories. They are strongly inspired by Welsh myth and the Mabinogion. I think the one most people would be familiar with is The Black Cauldron, which is the second book in the series. Disney did a movie of that name that was kind of a mash-up of the first two books, which fails on multiple levels. Anyway, the series has been a favorite of mine for, oh, at least twenty years now; I reread them every year or so like clockwork. There is also the character of Fflewddur Fflam, who was my first literary crush, and whom I still adore to this very day. ♥

fafhrd and gray mouser
The two main characters from a series of short stories (and one novel, I believe) by Fritz Leiber, who's pretty much responsible for inventing the "swords & sorcery" genre (along with Robert E. Howard). Collectively, they are usually referred to as the "Lankhmar" or "Nehwon" stories, after the city and world in which they are primarily set. Fafhrd is a Northen barbarian swordsman, while the Gray Mouser is an agile thief who dabbles in magic. Which, I know, sounds rather cliché at this point, but the truth of the matter is, much of that derivative stuff that we think of today as "swords & sorcery" is aping Leiber, just the way much "high fantasy" is Tolkien-based. I love just about anything by Leiber (he wrote a lot more than just his Lankhmar stuff), but they are real gems, varying in tone, but never without a sense of humor.

ya lit
It's just short for "young adult literature," which I am often very fond of (provided it's well-written, of course). I tend to especially like ya fantasy, which you may have gleaned from a lot of other interests on my interests list (abhorsen, chrestomanci, damar, and harry potter, as well as the above-mentioned prydain). :)


Eheh. People always ask about this one. It's a Suikoden reference, essentially. Over the course of the series, the name "Schtolteheim Reinbach III" is often used as an alias by characters trying to remain incognito. In Suikoden IV (which is set in the past), there is an actual character with that name. XD

Nothing really special about this one. When the first trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean II came out, I just really liked the image of Elizabeth kneeling in the rain in her wedding dress, so I made an icon out of it. *shrug* The text says something about love and being lost at sea, because I assumed (correctly) that their wedding had been interrupted.

Another Suikoden icon. Futch is a young Dragon Knight whose dragon, Black, is killed in the first game. Actually, kind of funny story about this icon: I asked a friend (who can actually make pretty icons, as opposed to me) to make me some random icons with Suikoden art. She chose this image and this text without knowing the character at all, and it was just eerie to me how appropriate it ended up being.

And that's that. I guess anyone can feel free to pick more things for me to explain in the comments, if you'd like, or of course, you can ask for me to pick somethings for you to explain.

P.S. LiveJournal, why you gotta play with my heart like that? I loved Vertigo, then you cruelly yanked it from my embrace. Way harsh. D:
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