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Posting two days in a row? Wow. Been a while since I've done that!

I'm not the only one playing Odin Sphere, right? I'm not very far yet but it's fun, and adorable, and...the sprites are just awesome. Someone fangirl/boy it with me, plz!

I find this randomly hilarious: a week or so ago, I got my first LJ spam comment. At first I was going to delete it, but I left it up because I thought it was kind of funny. Just minutes ago, I got another on the same post. I can kindasorta see how the first one got there; the post in question is a somewhat pr0nish yuri thing, and the spam is for nekkid celeb pics, apparently. But the second one? A vacuum cleaner. XD

It seems like there was something else I meant to write about, but I dunno now! I should go to bed, I suppose.
Tags: i am far too easily amused sometimes, video games
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