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I need to rant.

I don't know why I even bother.

Okay, so I've been working on this commission for a long time. Last year, this lady, a friend of my mom's, saw a painting I'd done and was like, "OMG, that is great, will you paint something for me?" She wanted me to paint her grandkids. Well she said this all through my mom, but whatever. I told her, "Uhm, okay, as long as you understand that my style is a little more cartoony than realistic," and quoted a price at her, which she was fine with. After MANY months of working on the thing, I finally finished, and dropped it off on Friday. She seemed thrilled with it, and was running around showing everybody (there were a bunch of people there for some reason. Graduation?) She was going to mail me a check, which I figured was fine, since she's my mom's friend and all.

So, today she emails. "I don't think I want the painting." She basically said she thought it was too expensive (even though this was a price she agreed to, and to be honest, I think I still undercharged her) and that it "didn't look the way she thought it would," which is BS, considering I sent regular emails showing my progress and asking if she wanted anything changed. (For the record, she only ever wanted one thing changed, which I did [hair color].) Then she mentions something about a friend of hers who got a painting done by someone else and it was only $45. So I suppose she has it in her mind that I am trying to rip her off. Never mind the fact that this picture is pretty huge, 16"x22", and I spent months on it.

I should've taken half up front, I know, but I really thought it would be okay since she's my mom's friend. It doesn't sound like she intends to give me anything, she just wants me to take the painting back and swallow the time and costs. Well, whatever. I'm going to ask her for at least half, but my mom doesn't want me to ask her for anything, and she doesn't understand why I'm so upset about this.

Then, beyond the money (which I was kind of counting on at this point), I just feel horrible. I know it's not a masterpiece, but this just feels like a kick in the gut. I'm self-conscious about my art as it is, and this just makes me want to give up completely.

It's obviously a bit more detailed in person, but you get the jist.

I'd be lying if I said I was perfectly happy with it, but she seemed to be, which is the point, right? Is it that bad a picture? And if she didn't like it, why the hell didn't she just say something?

I don't know. I've been in an okay mood so far today, and then this came along and now I feel like shit. So, for once I'm actually going to use my LiveJournal to vent.
Tags: art, rant, real life
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