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Okay, first off, thank you to everyone who commented to my last post. Your words helped a lot, really. ♥ Rather than going back and responding individually to everyone, here's an update on the situation: I spoke to the lady who wanted the painting and it pretty much seems like she was trying to get me to drop the price. I told her I expected at least half the agreed-upon price if she still wanted to "return" the picture or else she has to pay as agreed if she wants to keep it. I also let her know that she'd actually gotten a really good deal on the initial amount agreed upon. She had some more dumb excuses and seemed kind of embarrassed when I started talking about how I usually get money up front, but I thought she would be trustworthy, yadda yadda. As well she should be. Anyway, now she "wants to think about it" (whether she wants to keep the picture or not), but she did say she'll pay me at least half no matter what. So...not an ideal situation by any means, but better.

Honestly, looking back at my last post I feel I was a bit melodramatic, but I know that a lot of the reason I was upset was because of how my mom kind of dismissed the whole situation. At first she didn't see why it was a big deal and wanted me to just take back the painting and not ask for any money. This was partly because my mom didn't want me to "cause trouble," but also because she didn't quite understand the whole process of a commission like that. I talked to her about how much time and work I'd put into the painting, and then she finally understood why I was so upset. I don't know. I guess at first I felt really belittled because it was as if she was just dismissing the work I'd done on the art as something unimportant. I do know that she doesn't really get where I'm coming from most of the time in regards to creative processes like art and writing, though she usually does her best to be supportive.

eh, I'll hold out judgment on the current Bleach anime filler until I see where they're going with it/how long it lasts, but I do have to say right away that I hate how much of a ditz it makes Matsumoto out to be. The anime has always kind of done that to her in their little additions, and I'd love to know where they even got that from. Sure, she's kind of a slacker and often not the most dignified of people, but a bubblehead who's obsessed with make-up and shopping? No. And her gikongan is apparently a nympho. Yeah, that's hilarious. No really. I can hardly contain my mirth. :|

Oh man, on a completely different subject, someone linked me to this fic, and it's just awesome. [Chrestomanci fic; Christopher/Millie, with Conrad narrating; warm, funny, and a little bit heartbreaking] Diana Wynne Jones fic is rare enough, but excellent fic like that is really a treasure.

...I finally broke down and bought a laptop. It should be here in about a week. I'm excited.
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