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Bullet point update again!
  • Happy birthday, lucindathemaid! ♥

  • I did a slight friends cut. Absolutely nothing personal, my flist was just getting a little bit unwieldy, so I trimmed a little (mostly people who either I haven't spoken to in a long time, or whose entries I found myself skipping over a bit too often). I feel a little bad, because I've always had a policy of adding back anyone who adds me, but while I've made some wonderful acquaintances that way, it seems silly to have someone's journal on my reading list just because they added me, even when I don't really read or comment. (This goes the same for me, btw. If you've only got me on your list because I added you, but we don't talk and you don't really read my entries, go ahead and take me off. I'm fine with it.) 98% of my journal is public anyhow, so anyone can read it, regardless of whether I have them friended or not.

  • I realize I am failing at responding to that meme I posted. I'll finish, I promise. My biggest problem is I'm too lazy to take the time to type up my responses, a horrible excuse.

  • So, after like...a year of certain people trying to get me into it, I've begun reading Prince of Tennis. I'm up to volume 21 now, and though it was kind of a struggle to stay interested at first, it picked up and got me involved. I feel like some of the tennis is kind of hard to read, though, because to me the action doesn't seem very well blocked out. If it weren't for people on the sidelines going, "He returned that??" or "What! He missed?!," I would be very lost a lot of the time. I gotta say, though, I really don't see...much of anything in the way of pairings. Possibly because I am more of a yuri than yaoi fan? I dunno, though. It just seems so very asexual to me in general. I guess I can see slight hints of Oishi/Eiji, Shishido/Choutarou, and possibly Momo/An, but not very strongly, and those're really about it for me right now. It is very possible that the anime provides a lot of the pairing vibes? Or I'm just an odd duck. *shrugs* Anyhoo, I'll keep reading, and snuzzie has kindly offered to burn the anime for me, so I'll get a chance to see that. I am randomly in love with a few of the characters already, though. So spastic. ♥

  • In other news, the Claymore anime is really impressing me. I've watched up to episode nine, now (I'll probably catch up today, if all goes as planned). The animation? Gorgeous, and I think it does a good job of adapting the manga designs while still keeping a similar feel. The voices are all pretty great (loved Paku Romi as Teresa); the music is unique and really fitting, I think. It's really doing a great job following the manga storyline, too; in fact, I think the pacing for the first few episodes was much stronger in the anime than in the manga. It does seem a bit gorier, surprisingly, but that's not something I'm bothered by. All in all...yeah. Very impressed. (♥ the_firefly; you always hook me on the good stuff!)

    One thing I do wonder about is how it'll end. Obviously the manga is still going strong, so will it be animated up to a certain point and then paused until the manga gets further, and finished in a second season? Or will the anime reach a point where the start making up their own ending? Hmm.

  • Uhm. Anyone want to look at a pr0nish GinRan ficbit for me? I'd like another opinion or two. (It's for springkink.)

  • Livejournal. I would really like my comment notifications, plz. Also: I picked the Vertigo scheme because I want the Vertigo scheme; quit randomly resetting it to Horizon!
I think that's it for now!
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