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My internet connection at home has been spazzy the past few days. It'll connect but then stop working right away. Frustrating. Also the reason I'm updating in the middle of the night, since I'm at work with a decent connection. Now I just have to remember the things I meant to write about...

Well, Avatar Season 3, for one. :D I imagine there's already been plenty of talk about that so I'll just keep my squeeing to a minimum and say that I'm ridiculously excited about it, and oh my god, look at Aang's hair, and Katara and Toph look incredibly pwnsome, and omgwtf, does Sokka have a sword?! Also I am pleased to find out that I've only got to wait two more months for the Season Two boxed set. *bliss*

Finished reading PoT manga up through the current scanlations. It took remarkably little time. I don't know that I'll become a huge fan of the series, but it was interesting enough while I was reading it. Then again, I haven't seen the anime yet, so that could change my opinion. We shall see.

I posted some things at springkink:

Still have some more prompts to post (and write, eep!). faemous & I are also collaborating on a prompt, but we fail at being on time. Oops.

This is hilarious.

I should get more icons. In general.

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