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SO. The last Harry Potter book will be out in less than an hour (in my timezone). Everyone knows this. The bad part for me is I'm at work now, so my tradition of going to a release party and getting the book at midnight is broken. This makes me sad, I can deal.

One of my friends volunteered to pick up a copy for me and drop it off at work so I could at least start reading it a little after midnight. However, this is no longer happening, because she flaked at the last minute and decided she'll just buy it tomorrow. So not cool. :\

Looks like I'll have to wait till seven am, when I get off work, to get my copy. Alas.

snuzzie and _tehriah are awesome, though, and called me from the release party they're at. Unfortunately it seems my phone reception is horrible here. D:

ETA: snuzzie and _tehriah just called me again, and we squee'd about the book, and they took me on a tour of Wal*Mart while they went to buy Rockstar and tried to tempt me into deserting my post and letting the residents fend for themselves so I could pick up my own copy. ♥, you guys!
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