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Oy. So very tired.

Work called me today and asked if I could come in to cover a shift. I said yes, and almost immediately regretted it, because I was looking forward to a day off of just being lazy. Oh well, though. It would be overtime, so that was an enticement.

I'd been at work about...oh, half an hour, when the fire alarms started going off. Now, this happens from time to time. Usually it means one of the residents burned some toast. So I and the other girl looked around and could find no evidence of fire, smoke, heat, etc.  Went to turn the alarm off and investigate some more what was causing it, since the fire alarm control box registered trouble in the library.  The library was fine. Suddenly the alarms started to go off again. The maintenance man came by at this point, and the building owner emerged from his office, and they were trying to figure out what the deal was.  Once again it was coming from the library.  Meanwhile, the other girl and I were running up and down the halls and checking all the rooms and apartments and finding nothing.  Maintenance man decided it was just a malfunction in the smoke detector in the library and the boss told us they'd take care of it. We went back to the dining room, where most of the residents were out for coffee. But now we were sure we could smell something. We opened the door to the manager's office and...whew. At this point there was some actual smoke. Some kind of electrical thing. (Later we found out that the manager's office used to be the library before they expanded the building, so that explained that mystery.)

Of course then we had to call 911 and evacuate all the residents.  Luckily, most of them were in the dining room, so it wasn't as much of an ordeal as it might have been. Still. Over twenty people, most of whom are in their nineties, with walkers=quite a bit of work.  Then of course we had to wait outside while the firemen checked everything out and made sure stuff was okay and it was safe to come back in.

Oh well. Some excitement, I guess. Hee, actually a goodly portion of the little old ladies seemed kind of thrilled about it. I'm beat, though. Sleep sounds very appealing. Luckily my shift is almost over.
Tags: omg fire!!!, real life, work
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