prpl pen (prpl_pen) wrote,
prpl pen


This is my attempt at a writing/fan fiction journal.  I'm trying to get myself to write again.  Most entries locked just now due to self-consciousness.  I probably just need to get over worrying about stuff and...if it's crappy, just let it be crappy. After all, that's what concrit is good for.  Or something.  But...I joined some communities and actually wrote fic for them.  That's a start, right?  (Yeah, I know it's totally lame to be "shy" on the internet.  Whatever.)

Meanwhile, I seem to have recently fallen (hard) for Inuyasha & related fanfic.

Today was awesome, because I came home to find (in fic_on_demand) both of my requests had been filled.  That's not all. I almost feel weird for mentioning it, like bragging or something, but I somehow managed to place in iyfic_challenge for the "Secret" drabble. (omgwtf, right?)  But, dang it, I am proud, because I am a neophyte at all of this and there was some really awesome fic posted in there last week. (also, I got a pretty banner.)  Of course, I also am taking it as a cue to freak out about the fact that my next attempt will probably really suck.  *slaps herself*
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