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Okay. I was thinking the other day about how I basically take it for granted that all my LJ friends know/remember I'm queer and how perhaps a lot actually don't--I don't hide it, but nor do I bring it up for absolutely no reason, usually, so it's probably quite easy for someone to miss that, or just forget about it. That got me thinking about how generally, though I consider myself an honest person, I don't volunteer much personal information unless prompted, mostly because I feel that if people don't ask, they aren't interested. And that got me wondering if other people are the same: willing to share, just waiting for someone to ask.

So...a meme:
Absolute Truth

  • Basically, ask me anything you want to know about me, and I'll answer honestly. It doesn't have to be a Big, Important question, either; anything at all that you are curious about is fine.
  • Conversely, tell me something--something about yourself you think I should know, your honest opinion of me, a confession you want to make just to get it off your chest, or just any old thing you feel like talking about.
  • It doesn't have to be directed at just me, either. Talk amongst yourselves, if you like!
  • If you don't feel comfortable posting under your name, anon posting is on and ip logging is off (as they always are on my journal).

    Aaaand. I'm actually just about to go to bed, but I'll reply to comments when I get up tonight (assuming there are any!). ♥
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