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Just finished playing GrimGrimoire. I thought I'd give this game a try since I generally love Nippon Ichi, and after playing Odin Sphere, I wanted to see more from Vanillaware. And it was fun and cute, and the story, which involved a girl reliving the same five days over and over in a time loop, was pretty interesting. I especially liked a lot of the story that dealt with summoned devils and contracts with same. Oh, and pretty much all the characters were named after alcoholic drinks. XD

It was really short, though. I went through the main storyline in about twelve hours. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing on its own, but I dunno about the replay value, really. It's got what amounts to a New Game + mode, as well as 25 bonus levels, I'm a bit disappointed. I'm actually debating reselling it, because while I liked it, I don't know if I'll ever really play it again. *shrug*

Gotta say, though, the relationship between the main character, Lillet, and Amoretta, a homunculus with an angel's soul, was pinging my yuri radar all over the place.

A few highlights:
  • Lillet tells Amoretta she'll give her as much love as she wants
  • They both sleep in Lillet's bed and Amoretta talks about how wonderful it is to cuddle up close with Lillet
  • After a time loop, when Amoretta no longer remembers her, Lillet manages to convince her to trust her anyway with a heartfelt, "Amoretta. I know you."
  • Lillet threatens Amoretta that if she doesn't stay in her room (for her protection), she's sleeping on the couch (!)
  • In the Epilogue, we find out that when Lillet moves to be a magician for the Palace, Amoretta comes with her
No, I actually don't ship them. Despite all this, it really does seem a very platonic--or sisterly, at most--relationship. I just thought it was kind of funny.

Oh, and anyone else want a random, handmade gift? I know it says the first five commenters, but I'll honestly take as many as sign up for it, so feel free.

ETA: Oh, and those of you who have my writing journal friended have probably noticed I'm trying to update it with a bunch of ficlets I've written. I'm trying to do it gradually so I don't flood anybody's flist, but if it's still overwhelming, let me know and I'll slow down a bit more.
Tags: bullet point time, meme, video games
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