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Bleach 141

OMG, Bleach anime. I know a lot of it was you were just trying to pad out time in the episode, but thank you for the all the wonderful TatsuHime. "Good Bye Halcyon Days" is one of my favorite chapters, but it has always bugged me that Kubo didn't go into any detail about Orihime and Tatsuki. Quite frankly, I remember the first time I read it feeling like it was almost a cheat for Orihime to say her goodbye to Ichigo rather than Tatsuki (indefiance knows what I mean!), and that it had to be a really agonizing choice to make. Obviously she had her other friends she'd miss, and she mentions that, but when you get right down to it, the top contenders for her goodbye are the two people she's in love with. So, the added Tatsuki scenes were definitely one of the few occasions I felt the anime improved on the manga. Whether you view the two of them as romantic or platonic (I like and can see both!), they really do have one of the most intense emotional relationships in Bleach ("Princess and Dragon", anyone?), and it was very nice to see that acknowledged.

Sketches are slowly being worked on. I really haven't had much time to just sit down and draw! I'll probably be posting them split between two or three entries, so it will be a bunch at a time.

Okay, getting back offline now, because there is a ridiculous thunderstorm going on and I'd really rather my computer doesn't get fried. I just watched the episode and had to share my squee, though!

ETA: OKAY I LIED, I HAD TO LOOK AT THE NEW CHAPTER SPOILERS FIRST AND JKAVGHDV GD;HVKJDSFHVGKDKBD BVLDSF!!11! *DIES!* (warning! spoilers and extreme boobie-fear) Why yes, I am a spastic Bleach fangirl today!
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