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Yesterday sucked. Well...not all of it, but taken as a whole, it was exhausting. My day began at seven AM, which I know under normal circumstances isn't terribly early, but you also have to remember that I mostly work nights, and usually am just coming off work at around 6:30. Factor in the "I am sooo not a morning person at all" thing, and it was way too early for me. I babysat two of my cousins then, which was not the bad part of the day. They're four and one, and pretty good kids. I brought my laptop, thinking I could NaNo for an hour if they both took a nap at the same time. The one-year-old apparently woke up at about four AM, and so was very tired and a bit cranky, but just wouldn't nap. Finally at a little before noon, he fell asleep on my lap, laptopping for me. Not a big deal because I knew I'd have a nice chunk of time to write in the evening.

Their dad was a little late coming home, so I had to rush to get home, shower, and change to get to my job on time. Once again, I usually work nights, but I take an odd evening shift every week or so, so that I can be with the residents when they aren't asleep. Most of them are really awesome, so I like to be able to see them. Here is where my day started to suck. After being there about an hour, I was informed that no one else was coming in to work tonight. The girl that was scheduled was sick, and no one else had answered. Being alone on that shift is daunting enough, because it's probably the busiest part of the day, what with serving supper and all the med passes and helping people get ready for bed, etc. There's also the fact that I was supposed to be off at seven, and suddenly I was now staying till eleven. No one even bothered to ask me if I could actually do this, by the way. I could, because all I'd been planning to do after seven was write for NaNoWriMo, but it's not unthinkable that I might have had tickets for a show or something like that. Whatever.

Things there usually slow down after nine o'clock, because most people are in bed by then. Not so last night. There was a string of call lights, minor tasks that people needed help with, and in one case, a resident wandering out into the hall with her left leg covered in blood, which gave me a minor heart attack (it turned out to look a lot worse than it actually was, but still). I didn't even get a chance to sit down and do my charting until ten thirty. When I finally got home, I went to change out of my scrubs and found, to my horror, that I'd accidentally taken the keys to the medicine cabinets home with me. So I had to turn right around and take them back. D: By the time I was finally home for good, it was after midnight.

This would be why I wrote exactly zero words yesterday. Sigh. This is probably making me feel worse than it should. I actually do figure out my daily goal to account for five days in the month where I don't have to write at all. I just. Meh. I feel failuriffic already.

But! I have plenty of time left today, and nothing particular to do until I go to work at eleven, so I'm going to do my best to catch up. I can do it, I think!

Aaand...sorry to have in stuck in such a negative entry, but it is totally shveta_thakrar's birthday today. :D I hope it's an awesome one! ♥

ETA: Oh, and I forgot this earlier, but...for those of you who are posting your NaNoWriMos, I do intend to read. However, there are a lot of you this year, and writing my own must come first, of course. This means I probably will be skimming for now and reading more carefully after November's done, and that I probably won't be leaving many comments. Just thought I should mention that.

ETA2: Oh man, oh man! My NaNoWriMo t-shirt came in the mail today! Any remains of my bad mood have evaporated! I AM TOTALLY GONNA PUT IT ON RIGHT NOW AND START WRITING. :D
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