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Well, I'm officially out of NaNoWriMo. I basically was as of...a week or so ago now, when I got sick and slept for pretty much two days straight. I'm a little disappointed, but it wasn't worth it to make myself really crazy over it, so instead of frantically trying to catch up, I quietly retired. I am hoping to continue being mildly productive, though. Aaand...visions of epic Avatar fic have been dancing through my head since watching episode eleven. I may indulge it. Of course, if I go with the idea I have in mind, it will be rendered AR as soon as the new episodes start airing again, though that's likely not going to be until 2008, at least. Hmm...

I'm super-tired, after a long weekend visiting friends in Minneapolis. A lot ended up going wrong, or not to plan, but it was still just fun being there and seeing them. The original plan was they'd be bringing me to a show for a late birthday present (The Lion King at the Orpheum, to be exact), but the show sold out before they could get the tickets. Then Sunday morning I woke up with a horrible swollen and sore throat, and decided I should go to an urgent care clinic right away, as it was rather worrying. They said there it was likely strep throat, which I've never had before--miraculously, since both my younger sisters seemed especially prone to it. The strep culture actually came back negative, though it's already looking and feeling better today, so I'm not that worried any more. It was mostly just distressing because I was initially...spitting blood.

The biggest disappointment of the weekend was that we decided to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit in lieu of the play--honestly, I was looking forward to that even more, since she is one of my favorite artists--and that ended up not working out. We were going to go Saturday afternoon, but Jon Paul was scheduled to work, and we opted to do some shopping that day instead, reasoning that we'd have more time if we just went today, when there were no schedule conflicts and we could take our time at the museum. Well. As it turns out, the Walker isn't open at all on Mondays. Oops. I'm hoping I'll have a chance to make it back before the Kahlo exhibit leaves, though. We did just have lots of ordinary sort of fun, just hanging out and catching up, and I got some of my holiday shopping done, not to mention got a few new books for myself (whee!), so it was still a very nice weekend, in spite of the not-so-great stuff.

Anyway! Holiday cards! Some people maybe just haven't seen it yet, but in case anyone is hesitating because they can't send one in return, or feel like we don't know each other really well, I am completely serious when I say everyone on the flist is encouraged to sign up. It's starting to get closer, and sooner than later I'll probably begin to prepare and send these out, so please sign up, if you haven't!

Oh, and for those who asked about a wish list for me...I'm too tired now, but I'll try and make up one of those wish list posts soon. ♥
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