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I want to come up with something for the Shippou theme iniyfic_contest, but I just can't seem to find the inspiration. Although, so far there's only one other story posted, so it would appear others share my problem. I dunno. I have two half-ideas, I guess. One is sort of angsty, but I just don't think I want to do that to Shippou right now. I'd rather figure out something that just lets him be a kid. The other half-idea I have is too far in the other direction, though; too cutesy and cheesy. Neither of them are really grabbing me, is the problem.

I dunno. I'm contemplating maybe doing something with adult!Shippou, even. I just need an idea that I am excited about, I guess. hmm. sigh. The thing about being new to this fandom is I haven't read much fic for it at all (beyond what I've seen in the challenge communities), so I don't even know what ideas are fresh and which have been done to death. Not that it really matters, I guess; it's just as much how you tell it as what you tell,, now I don't even remember what my point was, or if I really had one. I need to think on this some more.

I should maybe look for some other drabble/fic communities in other fandoms, too. Even though Inuyasha is kind of owning my soul right now. The whole deadline thing is a good way to get me to produce and I should diversify a little.
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