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I haven't been around much at all, so I know I missed a lot of stuff. I'm trying to look back over the flist, but it's entirely possible I'll still completely miss a ton of stuff, so if there's anything in particular you'd like me to see/know about, link me in the comments, please? ♥

All my cards have been mailed out (save for faemous and the_firefly; you're getting packages, hopefully not too late), so if you signed up for a card from me, expect that to arrive soon, if it hasn't already. And I've gotten cards from illuminations, paynesgrey, rhye, dynastic, and tomoeish so far; thank you so much! (Di, your handwriting is beautiful. :P) I was hoping to do a bit more than just cards again this year, but alas; it was not to be.

I just read Twilight and New Moon. I dunno. They're definitely flawed, but while I was reading them, they totally sucked me in. Gotta say, though: Jacob >>> Edward. I'm already seeing how this series is probably going to be dragged out, though, which makes me a little reluctant now to bother with Eclipse. I already know that I will eventually read it, though, or at least start to, and that's because of Jacob. I love him. If the author screws him over some more, I'll be put out. :|

Anyway, have a fic rec:

  • Worth [The Last Unicorn, Molly/Amalthea, PG] From one of my prompts at yuri_challenge. Really beautiful, and fits in so seamlessly with the canon that it could easily be a "lost scene" from the book (or movie).

  • Speaking of yuri_challenge...back to working on my submissions. All my attempts at art lately are vexing me. A lot. sigh.
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