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I got back on Wednesday night from spending a week at fieryfaerie86fieryfaerie's house. It was awesome and superfun and over far too quickly. The day before I left, I woke up with the beginnings of a nasty cold. I have impeccable timing, clearly. It lasted most of the time I was there, which kind of sucked, because even though I didn't feel too horrible, I was constantly coughing and could hardly talk for a while. I'M SORRY, FAE. I tried not to infect anyone, but...ugh.

Anyway, I got there on the 3rd and left on the 9th, and I've gotta say, it went by way too fast. D: It was kind of funny, because at first we were like "WE HAVE SO MUCH TIME TO DO STUFF, A WHOLE WEEK, YAY!!!" and towards the end there it was like "OH MAN, WHERE DID ALL THE TIME GO, A WEEK IS NOT NEARLY LONG ENOUGH, WAHHH!" Some stuff we did, in bullet points:

Day 1
  • Played Guitar Hero III right after I got there - the first time for me. It was a lot more fun than I expected it to be!
  • Watched some movies and generally hung out - then I passed out at like...10pm. SHAME. (In my defense, cold + hardly any sleep the night before + getting up at 5am to make my plane?)

Day 2
  • Went in to Boston the next day and had lunch at Quincy Market (hee, Quincy! XD)
  • Walked down to the harbor and watched ducks for like half an hour. Ducks are cool, okay?
  • Walked around and shopped various places. Tried to get into a museum just as it was closing. We have awesome timing. This becomes a Theme.
  • Had dinner at Fire & Ice, then back to Fae's place, where we stayed up late, which contributed to...

Day 3
  • Slept way too late and decided to skip going to see sights in Concord that day.
  • Instead we went out to eat with nickelodeon and a friend of Fae's.
  • Returned to Fae's house to play Loaded Questions and stayed up talking with Steph until the wee hours.

Day 4
  • Discovered that the Alcott house was closed for the season, and decided that Walden Pond wouldn't be that interesting in the dead of winter.
  • Went to see The Golden Compass instead. Our opinions on the movie differed a bit, but we both agreed that we need dæmons.
  • Decided that we'd go on the walking Freedom Trail tour of Boston the next day.

Day 5
  • Discovered that the public Freedom Trail tours are closed January-March. D:
  • Back to Boston anyway! Ate at Quincy Market again. Fae had most of her bread bowl left so...
  • We walked down to the harbor again and fed the ducks! Also sparrows and...some seagulls, though not necessarily on purpose. Seagulls are pushy.
  • Did our best to walk the Freedom Trail and see interesting things on our own. We don't need no steenkin' guide.
  • ...At least in theory. Our awesome timing struck again, in that most of the places we went were closed by the time we got there. We did make it to the Old State House museum, however, and learned about the important role dinosaurs played in the Boston Massacre.
  • Finally left Boston. On our way to eat dinner, Fae detoured and showed me her old house. We stopped at the Old North Bridge, despite the fact that it was now dark. I had a flashlight! So, we adventured across the bridge in the dark and ice. It was fraught with peril!
  • Fae slipped on the ice and almost died. I'm only exaggerating a little.
  • Made plans to visit Salem the next day and meet up with darcelona.

Day 6
  • Discovered the Witch Museum in Salem was closed for renovations the 7th-11th. Seriously, we missed it by like a day. D:
  • Went to Salem and picked up D'Arcy, then went to the Salem Beer Works and had a long and fabulous lunch.
  • Toured the graveyard, since it wasn't closed. Fae read gravestones to us in her awesome British Old Man voice.
  • Walked down to the harbor and out onto the wharf to the lighthouse.

Day 7
  • Went to see Enchanted with Steph and D'Arcy. Really cute movie!
  • Then it was time to bring me to the airport. Waaah. ;__;

That's not everything, and it probably doesn't even sound that interesting, but just getting to hang out with Fae (and Steph and D'Arcy) was amazing, and we definitely have to do it again sometime. ♥ I have some pictures I should upload (most of them are actually of ducks. I'm not even lying.), but that'll happen when it happens.

One kind of sucky thing, not directly related to the actual trip, is my computer started acting up after I got there. It's still acting up, and I can't figure out what the heck is wrong with it, nor can I seem to fix it. Yesterday I figured I might as well just back everything up and try reformatting it, and...whatever is wrong with it, I can't even reformat. It gives me an error message and aborts the procedure. So...I dunno. It's under warranty, so it looks like I may have to send it in for servicing. Which sucks, but at the same time, at least I should be able to get it fixed. Hopefully if I have to send it in, it won't take too long, but I really have no idea. Anyway, if I disappear abruptly (moreso than usual, that is) assume that's what happened.

ETA: Ugh. Case in point. Just as I was about to post this, I lost my connection and had to restart three times in order to get (tenuously) back online. Luckily, a copy of my draft was actually saved, or I'd be very irked right now.
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