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A few years ago, I used to keep a reading journal, where I'd write down thoughts on whatever books I'd been reading. It wasn't reviews, really; it was more informal than that, and often irreverent, and the length varied greatly, from a quick note that I'd read and liked something, to rambling entries discussing minutiae. However, though I kept it faithfully for over a year, outside factors stopped that for a while and I just got out of the habit of it.

Well, lately I've been thinking I'd like to start doing something like that again, using my LJ. Though it would ultimately be something I'm keeping for myself, I'd like a more interactive aspect to it, so anyone who wanted to could read it and discuss if so inclined. For, you see, I am a huge nerd and love talking about books. My main concern now is whether I should create a journal specifically for that, or just post reading entries within my main journal. I can see pros and cons to both, and I guess the deciding factor would be whether anyone cares to read them, or if a lot of book blog entries in my journal would be too annoying for those of my flist who have zero interest. So: a poll!

Poll #1120755 Book blog?

Interested in reading?


How should I do this thing?

Just post in your journal with a tag - it shouldn't be too obnoxious.
Create a seperate journal so it's easier to avoid for those who have no interest.
Don't care.
Something else (expand below!)

Other suggestions?

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