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You guys. You guys. Why did you not tell me that Hana Kimi had crossdressing? I mean, everyone always said, "Oh, Hana Kimi is so good!" which is all well and good, but didn't do much to bump it up on my priority list. However, Girls in Drag = Very Yes. I've read like the first six volumes now and I really like it. So, yay!

I actually shouldn't be online right now, but I am sneaking on for a sec (well, a little longer than that) because I just finished my Konoka/Setsuna picture for yuri_challenge and I wanted to post it right away. Of course, I still have two more prompts I claimed, so. Hopefully I will finish those soon. Argh. I just don't know what it is with me. I used to be good at making deadlines. Or even...there are things I say I'll do, like taking drabble or sketch requests, and I mean to do them, but I get sidetracked and then...after a while, I start to feel guilty for not doing them yet and they start to feel kind of like obligations. Then, even though usually I still want to do them, I start to feel extra pressure, which in turn makes it harder to do things. I DUNNO. Things would probably be easier if I didn't have Super Awesome Catholic Guilt PowersTM, but I'm still not sure how to shake that. Hm.

Anyway, speaking of Negima, I just read 200. *__* I HAVE MISSED YOU, SECCHAN! She had her wings out and everything! ♥ (Though did she really need to be naked for the entire chapter, Akamatsu? sigh.) I'm beyond bored with Negi's arc right now (do not care about shounen training), but things look like they may be getting more interesting on Setsuna and Asuna's end.

Oh. I keep meaning to mention this and forgetting: I bought some catnip bubbles for my kitty. She's a hyper little spaz, and she loves catching bugs and chasing her laser light and that sort of thing, so I figured popping bubbles would be right up her alley, not to mention the catnip part. Well. Turns out she's afraid of them. I blow bubbles, she hides under the couch until they all pop. Then she comes out and enjoys the catnippy residue on the carpet. Oh, Éowyn.
Tags: art, attempting to be productive, cutest otp evar!, manga, negima, rambling
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