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Excuse my spazziness.

  • I haven't slept yet today and maybe I won't at all and it is all the_firefly's fault! I started watching Baccano! thinking I'd watch maybe an episode or two before sleep, but then once I started, I couldn't stop watching. I'm just taking a little break now, and then I'll have to finish it, because...damn. I had absolutely zero idea what it was about before I started watching, and saw the OP and thought, 'ooh, looks like silly crime capers,' and...there is that, but there's also: mystery, horror, alchemy, crazy mafia guys, immortals, RAIL TRACER, and a few random decapitations. Oh, and it mostly takes place during the 1930's. hjkhfsklafkdh I'm sure I'll have more to say about this once I've finished it.

  • I got my jump_exchange assignment and just went "wow...are you kidding me??" because it was the one I had been eyeing. Well, there were a few, but this was the one I really, really wanted but didn't think I'd end up actually getting. OMG YES.

  • I'm picking up a new character in Brawl and I'm really excited about it! I've been fairly 'meh' about roleplaying lately so this is good news. I'm also going to be playing anon, mostly just to see how soon I fail horribly at it. I have a feeling it won't take very long because I forget when I am supposed to be incognito, and also I get excited and just want to tell people.

  • I have been doing a lot of these random memes lately, but. EH. Why not.

  • Urrrrk. Need to post another book entry, but my thoughts are so all over the place and messy on this one that it's hard for me to make a coherent post of it. I actually haven't been reading as much as usual lately, not sure why. (Well. Partly because I'm playing too many video games. >.>)
Okay, off to finish Baccano! now.
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