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Holy cow, Mahou Sensei Negima has been awesome lately. The last few chapters have me remembering why I loved this manga in the first place; the reason I can overlook the excessive fanservice and occasional creepy little boy perving. Okay, it doesn't hurt that most of my favorites have been popping up (Yue--without her memories--studying to be a Mage Knight! Nodoka kicking ass for an artifact to improve her effectiveness! Kaede beating up a dragon--blindfolded!), but the story is just interesting and, most importantly, fun again. I think the School Festival dragging on for so long was where I started to lose interest. The Chao arc I just wanted to be over. It wasn't bad, but it just lacked the spark of earlier adventures, like Library Island and the Kyoto arc, and so I think I forgot the reason I enjoyed reading MSN. Everyone getting transported to the Magical World had promise, but then when it focused on Negi fighting for a while, my eyes glazed over.

But now! Oh now! We're finally getting glimpses of what happened to the rest of the girls when they were separated, and even Negi's training has taken a turn for the interesting! He's chosen to follow the path of dark magic? WTF? UNEXPECTED. And hdhfaskjdfh seeing Kaede again was awesome, because she's the last of my very favorite characters that we hadn't seen, and then finding out she and Konoka were teamed up was just doubly fantastic. I can really see those two making a great team!

This alone would have made my day, but Akamatsu saw fit to make me sprain something with my flailing. That's right. KONOKA/SETSUNA REUNION. At this point these two are dangerously close to becoming an actual OTP for me and I don't even care. I flailed a little about Secchan's reappearance here, but that pales in comparison. I saw the chapter title ("Beloved Reunion ♥") and freaked out, even though I wasn't 100% on who would be reuniting. I'm actually a little surprised he got them back together so soon (what happened with Tsukuyomi? I was expecting her to confront Setsuna & Asuna right away!), but I'm definitely not gonna complain. After seeing Konoka's sad and thoughtful expression as she thought about Setsuna, I was ready for them to find each other. And, lo and behold, they did!

Anyway, my love for KonoSetsu (always a formidable thing) has been kicked into overdrive. I really wish I knew more people who knew MSN, because I kind of really really want to play KonoSetsu at bnf_brawl lately, but I'd need an RP partner. >.>

You know what? I don't even care if you don't read Mahou Sensei Negima. GAZE INTO THE FACE OF THE CUTEST OTP EVAR:


In other news, after the_firefly pimping it to me for like three years now, I finally got around to starting Eureka Seven a few weeks ago. It's funny how I always say I am not really that into mecha anime (and it's true that the giant robots do nothing for me but make my eyes glaze over), but there are quite a few series that I'd considered mecha that I just adore (Escaflowne and Full Metal Panic!, for example). I'm a little over halfway through the series now (Talho just cut her hair), and the robots are really not a very big part of the plot. Rather, it seems that the Nirvash is just the MacGuffin that holds the plot together. I'm okay with that.

My favorite thing about it is definitely the Talho/Holland relationship, though. It's so not a typical starry-eyed anime couple; they are both so...jaded, I guess, about themselves and what they mean to each other, but at the same time there are moments when the mask slips and you can see their feelings laid bare. It feels so real. Guh. LOVE.

Anyway, probably more thoughts after I finish, which should be soon.

Okay, back to writing! danbi and I are being writing buddies, trying to inspire and motivate one another, and faemous will probably join in after graduation. It's exciting! I've almost made my weekly word count goal, but the story isn't quite finished yet so I imagine it'll go over. No problem with that! Anyhoo, it's Kekkaishi fic. I'm a little nervous because I've never written for Kekkaishi before, but. Eh. I don't suppose anyone on the flist is familiar with the canon and would like to take a look at it (mostly for characterisation)?

...This entry got long.
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