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In the span of a few days, it went very abruptly from being WINTER--as in snow and ice covering everything, zero degree weather, and having to let my car warm up for 10 minutes before driving anywhere--to SPRING. Everything melted and the weather today was so nice and mild. Normally this is the part of spring that I hate--mud everywhere, everything so wet and dirty looking as the layers of silt and garbage that were buried in the snow are all revealed--but so far this year I don't mind it at all. I am filled with glee, in fact. I mentioned before, about my plans to move in the spring. Somehow, though, they didn't feel really real until now. And obviously it's still not an immediate thing; I have things to plan and take care of before the actual moving. Still, the dramatic shift in weather reminds me it's soon, and I'm giddy and excited.

Random anime talk: started watching Persona -trinity soul-, mostly because I enjoy the game like whoa. I've only seen the first few episodes; no really solid thoughts on it yet. It's sort of different.

I also finally watched the first episode of Mai Otome 0~S.ifr~, which, despite the crazy name (seriously people, wtf) was pretty awesome. Most people know I lovelovelove Mai-HiME, but was severely underwhelmed with Mai-Otome. Like, sure there were a few aspects I liked (Meister Haruka needs her own show likenow), but for the most part it was just a big, frustrating mess. Same goes for Mai-Otome Zwei. So...I am trying not to get my hopes up, but S.ifr looks like it could actually take the premise in Otome and make it work. I dunno, I just liked it a lot when I was watching. We shall see.

Finished Eureka Seven a week ago, but I'll probably talk about that another time.
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