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Somehow or another, it's mostly about reading.

I've been lax in updating again. (And reading/commenting on the flist, too; I actually intend to go back and catch up somewhat tonight/tomorrow, so don't be surprised if you get a comment from me on an older entry.) I actually have a few things I meant to talk about, but FIRST!

Yeah, I'm gonna talk about Bleach here. Like, even I was starting to get a little bored with it lately, because while even though individually all the fights were good, having them all stacked right on top of each other like that with hardly any rests for character development, etc., they were starting to grow tiresome. Because, let's face it, Kubo's fights scenes are good (some of the few shounen fight scenes I can read without my eyes immediately glazing over, in fact), but his real strength has always been in the story/plot and characters (and let's not forget FASHION DESIGN). So, starting with chapter 314 or thereabouts, I started to get really excited again, because, OMG plot!, and OMG backstory!

With this latest chapter though (-106), I AM IN HEAVEN. Like, take my normal love of Bleach (which is easily over 9000!!!) and multiply it by...A LOT. This chapter. OMG. THIS CHAPTER. This is reminding me of the other reason (number one always being that the characters are so well-developed and nuanced) why I love Bleach so much: SMART STORYTELLING. This chapter is confirmation of SO MUCH to me. That things are not what they seem on the surface. More than ever, I am convinced that ultimately Bleach is going to be about not so much "Good vs. Evil" but the old-guard vs. the new-guard. Revolution and reformation. OMG. Just. OMG.


Seriously though, for those who think Bleach peaked with the climax of the Soul Society arc, and that Kubo has just been "rehashing," I say, "HA! Suckers! You ain't seen nothing yet!"

On to other things! BULLET POINT STYLE! :O
  • I've been working on my jump_exchange fic pretty diligently the past few days, which is good! For a long time, I was just failing at coming up with the motivation to actually write, though I've had the idea for a good long time. I'm almost done with the first draft (thanks in large part to danbi being awesome and encouraging), and it's actually shaping up to be quite a bit longer than I originally thought it would be. Not a bad thing, really, I just need to work on it double-time this weekend to make sure I can finish in time to have my betas look over it (btw, anyone else who's current/nearly current on Bleach, I wouldn't mind another pair or two of eyes to look it over--let me know!) so I can get it all fixed up by the due date. Not too worried just yet.

  • via mekosuchinae: heyheyrenay is hosting a reading challenge on her journal, which looks double-plus good awesome. The jist of it is:

      * Sign up!
      * Compose a list of ten books you love, then share it.
      * Read at least three books recommended by other participants, then review the books you've read.

    I'm totally doing this, and you should too! Seems like a great way to get book recs! :D

  • Oh, and in that vein, remember the whole "reading journal" thing I was planning to do? I got sort of sidetracked on that, in large part because the last one I tried writing (focused on the Twilight series, and especially Eclipse) was so disjointed and hfdsahfs that I had to give up on it for a while. Well. The other day I started doing a write-up of it again. It's not done, quite (I set it aside to concentrate on my jump_exchange assignment), but expect to see it soon. And since so many people on the flist have read the series, I'm looking forward to having some good discussion when it's posted. So be on the lookout for that. Though, uh, just a warning, not all of my thoughts are flattering. >.>

  • The Persona -trinity soul- anime may not be that particularly astounding, but I lovelovelove the ending theme. I'll upload it later tonight from work, where I have access to a better internet connection, but in the meantime, check it out here
    ETA: Okay, it's uploaded now! -->Suicides Love Story<--.
Mmkay, I think those are the main points for now!

P.S. -the_firefly! I got your package! ♥!!! --but, uhm. The DVD you sent me is apparently. Blank. Tried it on three computers and none of them can read anything on it. :\
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