prpl pen (prpl_pen) wrote,
prpl pen

I meant to write a drabble yesterday for the "Hope" theme in iyfic_challenge, but once again work left me depleted of mental energy, so I didn't bother. I liked my idea though, something kind of angsty and Sango-centric, so I'll probably have to just write it anyway.

I was rewatching The Incredibles today and how is it possible that the score wasn't even nominated for an Oscar? How? Okay, okay, the Oscars aren't exactly an accurate yardstick for the best of everything in movies, but come on. That score is inspired.

Anyway, my friend called me at like 2 am last night, absolutely in tears, because he had just been harassed by some guys. Nothing physical, but calling him "faggot" and such, telling him he wasn't welcome around there, etc. And he was upset, really upset, not just because of that, but because he let it get to him. I know what he means, though. It's easy to tell yourself logically that it doesn't matter what people like that think of you, consider the source, etc., but even so, dammit, it still hurts. Maybe not much, maybe just a little, but it's there. I mostly just don't get how some people can decide it's okay to treat another like that, based on a random factor like skin color or hair texture or eye shape or what kind of god they worship or who they fall in love with. Just can't wrap my brain around it.

I mean, I'm probably fortunate in that I've never experienced any really huge harassment. I've been whispered about, glared at, called a "fucking dyke," but I've never been fired from a job or physically assaulted. And, really, how effed up is it to begin with that I should have to feel fortunate that I've never been beat up for being "different?" Bleah. I'm usually very...I'm not sure what the word would be, but I tend to believe people in general are good, you know? I believe in humanity. We can make something of ourselves. But stuff like can make me think I might just be horribly naïve in that belief.
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