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So when I was at the library the other day, I noticed they'd put a new wall-mounted changing station in the bathroom. That isn't the important part, though. Right above the changing station was a poster. A 14-step poster--with visual aids!--on how to change a diaper. Steps included such gems as "remove baby's outer clothing" and "put clean diaper on baby."

...I don't know about you, but I think that if someone needed to be told in such great detail how to change their kid's diaper, it's really not that likely they'll be in the library in the first place.


Anyway! Have a meme, stolen from a bunch of flisters!

Step 1. Give me one or more pairing(s).

Step 2. I ramble on it for at least 100 words. And possibly include pictures.

Step 3. Repeat.

Any pairing is fair game, not just ones you know I like!
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