prpl pen (prpl_pen) wrote,
prpl pen

soooo tired.

I am pulling extra long shifts at work this week to help push numbers up for EOM. bleah. Okay, it's only two extra hours a day, Monday thru Thursday, and then as a result I'll even get Friday off completely, but...bleah. I am babycore, I guess. I can usually barely manage a regular eight hour shift. I get all twitchy. When it's time to leave I am gone like zoom!

Today I was productive in a non-work-related capacity, though; i.e. I wrote a drabble and spent all morning revising it (between calls, of course). It's sort of hard to judge it in my current state of brain-friedness, though. I suspect it may be somewhat overwrought. Ah well.

Still trying to decide if I should attempt to write a one-shot for the "Bad Day" theme in iyfic_challenge. I feel fairly shaky in my abilities to do humor. I actually do have sort of an idea, but it was one I came up a week or so ago, before the theme was announced, and while it might work, I feel like it isn't quite right for the theme and I'm not sure I want to fiddle with it too much to make a better fit. I still have time, though. The "Predictions" theme in iyfic_contest is a total no-go; I just can't find the inspiration for it and I'm out of time.
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