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Dream Journal

So, thanks in part to empath_eia and jazzyjello, when I woke up this morning, I decided to write down my dream. I used to keep a dream journal, but that's been a few years now since I did it regularly. I might try again. I decided to post them in my LJ, mostly because then I can use tags and easily find them whenever I have online access (and on the off chance anyone else might find them interesting). I really don't expect other people to read them, though, because in my personal experience, dreams aren't terribly interesting to outside parties.

We'll see if I actually keep this up.

May 5th, 2008

Last night I dreamed that I lived in a country ruled by a dragon. He was a tyrant, and...apparently in the past, not a horrible ruler, but of late he'd begun going a bit. Senile. Or something like that. The empire was slowing beginning to crumble towards ruin.

This dream had stages. In the first, I lived in an underground complex and had begun working in a day care for...I'm not quite sure if they were supposed to just be children who happened to have powers of sorts, or if they were hybrids, or maybe even the result of experimentation. Occasionally they wounded or killed each other. When one of the older boys got to be too unruly, he was taken to be pressed into service in an Imperial guard kind of thing. Close to the king.

From there, it sort of mixed with Bleach, kind of? Renji was there. But he'd lost his powers apparently. Though it seemed there was a sekrit way to regain them. This was meant to be hush-hush so that he (and others in the same situation) could be of use in the resistance movement that was forming. There was something about him (and maybe me, or someone else important?) being moved (or maybe he snuck in) to the "front" of the tunnel system. It was a lot like TMNT-style sewers, really. Anyway, that was the place the bad elements, the violent criminals and such, were kept. He wasn't expected to survive, without his powers, but it was something that had to be done (whether because he was forced, or it was an important part of a plan, I don't know.

Now. For a while it switched to me being either at home here (but it was a bit different) or in the basement of grandma's house (the laundry room, specifically, though it wasn't a laundry room here) and watching television, since the two tvs (stacked as they are now) somehow both turned on at like 4am. Amanda was there too. Was alternately watching/a part of a movie that was a kind of amalgam of Ferris Bueller's Day Off and License to Drive. Somewhere along the line, it merged with the Dragon-Tyrant/resistance movement plot of the dream.

Shift again. There was something special about me. I was supposed to take part in the resistance. The Imperial guard was everywhere in a harbor city, looking for someone specific. It might have been me, but I'm actually not sure. I was confused. I didn't know why I should be special. I didn't know why a small group of rebels risked a lot to liberate me from the armed escort that was taking me to the Dragon-Tyrant. They gave me knives to fight with. The woman who'd been escorting me had to fight and was being overwhelmed, but she screamed at me to free someone else. There was another woman who was stretched out and pinned to the ground near the road. Ropes around her ankles and wrists, staked into place. I knew instantly that she was special, and strong, so it seemed odd to me that she needed my help to escape the ropes. Nonetheless, I cut her free. In the process I realized there was magic woven into the ropes. I also realized here that I, and others, were able to use both fire and ice elements in our weapons (they would heat up, or freeze, things like that), while for most people they could only use one element (mostly fire).

[Belatedly while writing this out I am seeing similarities to Avatar here. Not that the whole element thing is unique to Avatar, but that's likely the inspiration since I just watched some new episode not long ago.]

We were vastly outnumbered, but still holding our own fairly well. Mostly because, I think, most of our people had powers (and a lot of us [the resistance], I also noticed, were hybrids of some sort, or maybe even a different race entirely. very elvish in feel, though not "elves." even now I don't know what they could be called, but while there were similarities to the stereotypical elf, it also carries too many connotations that were nothing like these people) and while the Imperials had their share of people who could use them also, the majority of their forces were simply elite fighting forces.

Then the ship arrived, and, on it, the Dragon-Tyrant.

The ship was enormous. It had to be, in order to carry him. The Dragon-Tyrant could take a humanoid form, and most of the time, he did, but of course in this case he needed to inspire maximum fear. When he began to disembark, he was in his true form. Red-scaled, blunt-snouted with golden eyes...I don't think he had wings, either. Not the typical way I picture dragons, really, though not particularly unusual in general. He roared, or perhaps shouted, and all attention was turned toward him. He was still mostly on the ship, though he had at least one foot onto land. He ordered the person (whoever it was they were searching for, I'm still not sure) be delivered to him, or he would visit blood and terror on us all. He was generous, after all. He was giving us a chance.

I realized enough by this time to know there was a possibility I was the one, even if it wasn't likely. I was terrified, and the Dragon-Tyrant continued leaving the ship and advancing up the road. He was enormous. I don't think I can adequately convey the sheer size and presence of him here. He had only two feet on land now, but he was still advancing up the road, faster than a person could run, and he was taking his time. He was just so huge that even moving at a leisurely pace (I think he had to be careful when moving to not capsize the ship), he covered great distances, even without really moving. (Picture a person on their knees, and beside them, an ant hill. Even just leaning over, without moving their knees at all, the person can move their head faster and farther than a running ant, without effort, really. It was like that.)

So. I was terrified. I climbed up the embankment at the side of the road. The top was all scraggly lilac bushes. I wrenched my way into them, and tried to hide. Even while I was doing it I knew it was hopeless, it must have been winter and the branches were bare. Still, I guess I hoped I'd be beneath his notice like that. Then I saw another person, close to his head, who had had the same idea as me. And the Dragon-Tyrant didn't give them much notice, but he still flicked his gaze to them for a second, assessing them, before he passed by. I knew that would be enough to spell doom for me, because even if I wasn't the one, he'd be able to tell right away that I was special enough, different enough, and he'd kill me.

In a flash I knew that the only way to save myself would be to carry on fighting, as if I were ordinary enough that I'd have to in order to survive. The special people would know they were a target, and try to hide or flee, but the ordinary people could only keep fighting, because even if they wanted to escape, they weren't skilled enough to break free of it effortlessly. I ran down the other side of the bank and attacked an Imperial, and purposely fought clumsily. I felt the Dragon-Tyrant pass by our struggle without a glance, and then I dispatched the Imperial, as well as his small group of soldiers. I ran for the harbor and hoped to stow onto a ship.

Near the boats, things were calmer. I avoided being seen. In the distance I saw the Dragon-Tyrant's ship. It was so huge it made the ships surrounding it look like toys. I overheard soldiers, in good spirits, talking about how long it had been since the Dragon-Tyrant last left the palace; about how in the old days, when he was still conquering his empire, he always came to the front and destroyed the opposition. They spoke with nostalgia.

I'd love to say there was a neat ending to this dream, but alas. I stowed onto a ship, one I knew would be going back to the Imperial city, but around there is where I woke up. :\
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