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This is hilarious.

I haven't forgotten about those request ficlets! I was just asked to do a pinch-hit for jump_exchange, so I'm working on finishing that first, then I'll go back to them. (Feel free to request something if you haven't, btw.)

Aaaand, speaking of jump_exchange, I totally forgot to link the totally sweet gift I received. [Bleach, Tatsuki/Orihime, PG]. Honestly, if you like JUMP titles ( One Piece, Bleach, Naruto, Prince of Tennis, and some others have been represented already), you should totally check out the whole comm, because there's been lots of awesome art and fic.

WTF, how is it almost the end of May? Still planning on moving, but I haven't been as on-the-ball about that as I should be, honestly. I need to FOCUS and do stuff and make things happen.

ETA: Wait, wait! This is also hilarious, if you know Bleach! O-or maybe I'm alone in finding Ishida and his father's terrible relationship to be comedy gold. >.> By scrawled! (here)
Tags: bleach, fic rec, i am far too easily amused sometimes, real life, writing
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