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prpl pen

Hey, friends list!

Rec me some fic?

Seriously. I am a dewy-eyed babe in the Inuyasha fandom and haven't had a chance to read much of anything beyond what gets posted in iyfic_contest & iyfic_challenge. I know there must be a metric ton of great stuff out there, hiding behind piles of crapfic. I just need to find it. Or, hey, it's even easier to have others point it out to me.

So, go nuts. Got a sentimental favorite? Have an author you fangirl shamelessly? Know of a seminal fic that no fan should go without reading? Drop some links to your favorite stories, authors...heck, pimp your own stuff.

I just have three stipulations right now:

1. Nothing epicly long. Because I just don't have the time. One-shots are great, stories with a few chapters are fine, just nothing that it's gonna be hard to read in a sitting or two.

2. Completed fics only. Because I am impatient. Nothing is more frustrating than getting really into a story and finding myself nearing the end--only to find out that the end hasn't been written yet. Please spare me that.

3. For now, no AU. Because I'd rather focus on the more traditional to begin with (and frankly, at this point, the idea of AU doesn't really interest me anyway).

Beyond that, I'm not picky. I read and enjoy pretty much any genre and haven't got any big pairing biases.

*big hopeful sparkly eyes*
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