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Yes, I am a little behind the times in posting my dot-thing.

I've been sucking with the commenting lately (moreso than usual) and even the flist reading. I've been kind of busy, with more scarce internet time lately. Lately I really miss people, though. I'm gonna make a valiant effort to catch up today, or as much as I'm able to. Possibly I'll be spammy during the day and update again.

There's been one thing in particular that's been on my mind since Monday, and I probably will write about it at some point, but right now I just don't want to dwell on it. And I don't even know why I feel compelled to mention it at all right now, since it just seems like I'm being willfully mysterious or something. No, actually, I think I won't feel at ease without knowing that I've made some mention of it, however oblique, even if I intend to write about it later. That probably doesn't even make sense.

I randomly started rereading Kekkaishi from the beginning yesterday (well, mostly because it had been a pretty long time since I read the beginning chapters and my memory on certain details was getting hazy--yes, I am ficcing). Why don't more people know this manga? I guess maybe the beginning seems nothing special, at least I thought that at first, but I don't even remember at what point I realized I was totally loving it. Anyway, on a reread, I have even more appreciation for how the story develops. One thing remains the same: my overwhelming urge to give Gen an enormous hug. He frequently could use one. I might take the time in the near future to do a pimp post and upload scans, just in the hopes it will win me a few more people to flail with.

Writing has been going pretty well lately; Bri and I try to set weekly goals to work on, and mine has been to write every day. For now one of my biggest problems is just trying to get back in the habit of writing regularly, and this is helping a lot. It's kind of the same idea of what I was hoping to get from NaNoWriMo last year, except that turned out to just not work then. I dunno, maybe then I was feeling too much pressure? But this is nice. It's motivation, because it's not just me by myself, but it's also laid-back enough to not make me feel...I don't even know how to describe it. I just have a tendency to seize up, especially in the last year or so, when I feel like I'm under an obligation, of sorts, to produce something, I guess? It kind of irks me, because, while I have kind of always sucked at finishing things on my own time, I used to be really good about making deadlines for fic exchanges and whatnot. Lately I've had things I've signed up to do, intended to do, even felt inspired to do...and still failed to complete them or turn them in on time. I used to like doing fic exchanges because they were a good motivator to get me to finish things; now I think perhaps it's best if I take a break from those and concentrate more on...whatever I happened to feel inspired by at the moment.

In conclusion, have a meme, stolen from scrawled:
01. Think of the first word that comes to mind when you think of me.
02. Go to Google Images and search for that word.
03. Reply to this post with one of the pictures on the first page of results (don't tell me the word).
04. Put this in your own journal so that I can do the same.
Hopefully I don't just get a million pictures of pens. >.>
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