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Blahhh, I've been sick the last two days. Seriously, I spent most of Tuesday & Wednesday asleep, interspersed with some reading. Now I feel all logy and time-displaced, or something.

Inuyasha ending - No, I haven't read it yet. Yes, I plan to. I just have about thirty-odd chapters to catch up on first. Despite the fact that I haven't been much into the canon or the fandom for the past year or so, it was still the thing that got me back into fandom in general, and I met so many awesome people through it. In that way, I can't not care. And I admit I am curious as to how it all pans out. More later.

I also found out that Koukou Debut is ending next month. Sadface.

Kekkaishi 178-180 omg, this arc is so great. Or maybe I am just easily amused. EITHER WAY!
  • More Shuu please. He is so adorable!
  • OMG DUDE FOR REAL, ARE YOU REALLY GIVING THIS TO ME???? (That is a fricken huge BB, btw. I thought it was supposed to be a marble.)
  • I love those little crow servant things SO MUCH. They are made even more awesome by the fact that they look a lot like how Tanabe draws her penguin-self. XD
  • Ahahaha, Sen basically called Tokine a cock-tease. Me=DYING.
    Yoshimori: ...Sen's actually a guy.
    Shidou: No kidding? That's really confusing.
    Jessie: XD
  • Erupting volcano? SUBTLE.
  • Dawwwww, little (skirt-chasin') tengu. ♥
  • ...Sen, you might as well just give up and start saving money now for gender reassignment surgery.

Speaking of Kekkaishi, look for a pimp post soon. Because this manga is amazing and it's criminal that more people aren't reading it.
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