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Happy birthday takewing & (a little early) parsnip_chan!!!
If you give me a character/pairing & prompt, I'll do my best to write you a birthday drabble. ♥ I hope your birthdays are awesome!

Talking about animelist the other night with Bri and Meg got me thinking about trying to catalogue my books again, too. I used to use a site to do that, but the interface was nightmarish and I eventually stopped bothering. Anyway, I went looking again and found Seems all right, from what I've seen. I've started entering my library there, but most of my books are still in storage, and it's kind of hard to go by memory. Anyhoo, does anyone else have an account there? Add me if you do, or go ahead and give me your username if you want me to add you.

I'm waiting to hear back on a job, but I'm hopeful. If I get it, that means I can finally move (albeit behind my self-imposed schedule; OH WELL). Granted, I supposed I could crash at a friend's place for a week or two to look for work, but I'd really rather have something lined up before I quit my job here and move to Minneapolis. Eh. I'm just so ready to get back to a bigger town. The place I'm living now is not without its charms, but it's so rural and there's, like. Nothing, honestly. Except nature. Nature is good. I like nature. I just would like some convenience and culture, too. And a new apartment to put my stuff into again. I miss my books. ;_;

I've been talking Gargoyles on and off with aiffe lately, and it's making me want to A) rewatch the series and B) possibly write fic again? Dunno. I've been feeling more inspired and productive lately in general, and I think it has a lot to do with doing the writing buddies thing with danbi. Yay! I'm currently working on a Genshiken futurefic. The fandom seems to be just this side of non-existent, but that almost makes it a little easier. Mentioning it here because then I have more reason to actually finish it. Baccano! is a fandom that I love and ideas for, but I feel reluctant to actually write for it, just because...I know there's a ton of canon out there for it that I have no access to (since I can't read Japanese). I wish that didn't bother me, but it does. I don't want to end up speculating on things that may technically already have an answer (or not; but once again, I can't read the novels to find out). I basically have to rely on fan translations for now and hope they do another season of anime.

faemous and I are supposed to be writing longfic this summer, too; Avatar for me, IshiHime for her. Fae, we should totally start on that, y/n? :D

...This turned into a lot of rambling.

Kekkaishi pimp post forthcoming (probably within a day or two).

ETA: Anyone have a copy of "My Sweet Lord" by George Harrison handy? I have the album at home, but I'm not there and I really want to listen to it right now, for whatever reason.
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