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Some bullet point reactions to various things. Avatar (finale...and beyond!) and One Piece anime thoughts will get proper posts later. Probably.

Spoilers, natch.

Koukou Debut 43
  • siiiigh of relief. Okay, I knew they weren't actually gonna break up, but still.
  • Then again, whatshername's evil plan was pretty clumsily executed. I do remember thinking when she tampered with Yoh's phone that she was pretty much asking to get caught, because way to cover your tracks. Except, you know. Not.
  • Still don't want the series to end, though. Or, well...I'm sure the mangaka will end it well, but I will miss having new chapters to look forward to.

DOGS: Bullets & Carnage 31
  • Oh man. The first time I read DOGS the only ship I really saw was Naoto/Haine, but I started to get so used to Fae & Rabid's Haine/Badou that I sorta forgot until I reread the entire series last month. This chapter, though? omg. Naoto/Haine SO HARD. My god. It is a beautiful thing.
  • HAINE-TAN. *diiiiiiiies*
  • Actual progress on the Badou side of things. SWEET.

  • ...Whyyy did I watch all of that.
  • No. Seriously. I pretty much knew that the only plot threads I was interested in were going to end up shoddily resolved or not resolved at all. Yet I just held out for hope that wouldn't be the case. Psycho-sexual pseudo-snuff and a deformed-looking baby was my reward. ;_;

Very belatedly - Kekkaishi 182-185
  • ...I love Shuuji (aka Yoshipapa >.>) so hard. I mean, I always have liked him and thought he was cute and I love how he is basically the mommy of family, and his frilly apron and all, but wow. I totally loved when he got pissed at the Ougi clansman (his name eludes me right now. Does he even have one?) for dissing on his wife. TEA ATTACK, GO.
  • The whole family was pretty freaking awesome in that scene, honestly.
  • I am still waiting impatiently to see more of Sumiko/Yoshimama, but it looks like things are building up to that so yay~!
  • All the intrigue and plots and machinations=♥♥♥ This is a big reason why I love this manga so much. It isn't all black and white, and there's a lot of behind-the-scenes maneuvering. We don't even really know Masamori's entire motivation and goal yet. Hooray, shades of grey?
  • ...More Yagyou people died. Granted, they were kinda red-shirts, but. Still. Gen was enough on his own to break my heart into seventy-billion little pieces. D:
  • Note to self: Get that pimping/download post done, STAT.

And finally...I started reading Katekyo Hitman Reborn!--I suppose it was only a matter of time. I was intrigued from what I've seen of some of the characters in RPs and such, so I finally caved.

Anyway. I dunno, guys. I mean. I've heard from everyone who's read it that it gets better, so I'm not dropping it or anything, but right now? It's a struggle to read it. And I don't even mean in the same way I found the beginning of One Piece a "struggle." That was more...I wasn't terribly interested at first, but it wasn't bad; I just wasn't hooked or anything. So far, I think KHR! is bad. Like, I had to force myself to read through chapter fifteen, which is where I stopped for now, because it was kind of making me annoyed and wanting to punch a baby or something. Preferably Reborn. :|

And I DO like some of the characters a lot (Lambo, Yamamoto, Gukodera has his moments), though others I pretty much hate, so far. I just... I feel like I could make a flowchart for it that every chapter so far would fit into. It seems like every single chapter ends with a tagline that is basically "And that is how Tsuna failed at life this week." It's kind of painful.

I will keep at it, though. Or try. I usually marathon-read through manga, but I think Reborn's gonna take me a while until it gets better, because I had to really force myself to even read as many chapters as I did. I think it'll go easier if I take it a little at a time. Hopefully.

...Now is the time on Sprockets when we go buy Final Fantasy IV DS. Yay!

ETA: HOW COULD I FORGET? Boku ni Natta Watashi 13
  • Oh my god. Will they ever actually get to bone? WTF. COCKBLOCKED BY A PHONE. WHY DID YOU ANSWER. WHY.
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