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Anyway. I've been meaning to do this for a while, but I'm gonna spiff up my userinfo at prpl_prose and link to affiliates. So, if you have a writing journal and would like to be linked, let me know in the comments (& your writing journal name, natch).

There is a two-tailed cat here at work. I mean, I'm not sure if he's a stray, or if he belongs to a family somewhere in the neighborhood or what, but I've seen him in the parking lot off and on for like a year or so. Actually, I hadn't seen him for a few months now, so I wondered what happened to him, but he's been showing up again the past few nights. He's used to people, and very friendly. It probably helps that I feed him. And he seriously has two tails. Like, about halfway up the regular tail, there is a smaller, shorter, thinner one that branches off. They move independently of one another, so when he's being purry and lovey, they both twitch out of sync. Hee!

I've been bad about writing again lately. Trying to write every day was good for me, but I let myself slip and fell back into my slackitude. I will have to remedy that. I held off on writing Avatar longfic because I know I write kind of slow and I was afraid of canon catching up and passing me by and rendering my story AR. I dunno, I dislike contradicting canon when it's not intentional. (This is also why I never got around to writing my idea for Sokka's epic Suki!rescue. I started plotting it in my head after seeing "The Eclipse," and I liked it a lot, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have finished it before "The Boiling Rock 1 & 2" dropped, and once they did, I would've lost my motivation to finish it, since the canon version was so different, yet also AWESOME.) Plus I was kind of still holding out hope--though it dwindled more the closer we got to the end--that they'd explain Iroh's connection to the Spirit World before the end of the season. But since they did not, I now feel at liberty to make stuff up. Sweet.

(Randomly...I was actually pretty surprised there isn't a fourth season coming up. I know I remember reading in an article or interview a long time ago--like, right near when the show first started airing--that Nick had given them three seasons, and they had plans for a fourth if the show proved popular enough to warrant renewing. Clearly it has, so up until a few months ago, I was expecting to hear about an upcoming fourth season. As the finale crept up, I had to accept that if there was going to be another season, at least within the next year or so, the news would have been leaked by now. I suppose there will be specials or movies or something that will cover the "fourth season" plot, though.)

Also, here's a meme I stole from bolshevists:

Name a series and I'll tell you the character(s) I would:
1. Bake cupcakes for:
2. Trust with the keys to my car:
3. Put thumbtacks on the chair thereof:
4. Have a crush on:
5. Pack up and leave if they moved next door:
6. Vote for President:
7. Pick as my partner in a buddy movie:
8. Pair up:
9. Vote off the island and into the volcano:
10. Wheedle into fixing my MP3 player:
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