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So hot. Worse, so humid. No air conditioning. I'm melting. ...It probably feels worse to me too, because I've been spoiled by central air all summer long. </whine>

Anyway, besides that things are going well. I should probably actually make mention of the fact here in my journal that I'm in the process of relocating/moving/whatever right now. I've got some internet access, but I probably won't be around a lot online until things are settled. I'm looking forward to getting my books out of storage, let me tell you. I miss them so~ Anyway, I've got some time right now, so I'm just dropping a line, trying to somewhat catch up on the flist, and maybe commenting around a little. But, basically, I'll probably be extra fail at commenting/replying to comments for a while.

ETA: Scanlations for Kekkaishi have been coming out at a pretty good clip lately. At this rate, it won't be too much longer till we catch up with the Japanese releases. HEARTILY APPROVED. ...That reminds me though; I still haven't done that download post for the manga. Oops. *makes a note*
Tags: kekkaishi, moving, real life
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