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I'm back!

They finally hooked up our internet connection today! YAY!

So, I suppose it's time to run through the highlights of my incommunicado moving-time:
  • Originally I had been planning to rent my own apartment, but my friend suggested we all (me, him, & his husband) live together for a year or two to save money, since between the three of us, we can get a fairly nice place without having to pay a ton. It was nice, especially since money would've been pretty tight for me at first after moving costs.

  • We found a nice apartment which is great for us: fairly big, two full bathrooms (I can't even tell you how happy I am to have my own bathtub again; I love taking long, leisurely baths.) plenty of room for my books, an extra bedroom/office room, which we have made into our computer & video game utopia.

  • And, yes, I've finished moving all my stuff here (did it last weekend). Mostly I am very happy because this means I got to finally get my books out of storage; not only did I miss them like whoa, but I was starting to get a little worried about the state they'd be in after being in a storage shed for two years. They weathered it well: only three ended up bent from shifting in their boxes; two (common & easily replaced) suffered a little nibbling from a mouse; and just one had some slight water damage (must've been a leak somewhere? but none of the other books in the same box were harmed in any way). After a year, I was starting to picture horrible things happening to them, so it was a relief.

  • My cat is here, and settling in pretty well. She's a very cautious, nervous cat, so I was a little worried about how she'd adjust, especially since Jon Paul & Randall have a fairly young kitten (who is adorable, btw. They have him wear shirts half the time, which sounded kind of weird to me at first, but he doesn't mind it at all, does look really cute). The kitties seem to be getting along well, though. Jack (the kitten) is happy to have another cat to play with, and Éowyn tolerates him pretty well, except for an occasional smackdown from time to time when he gets too obnoxious. They sleep next to each other in a little kitty pile sometimes, so that's encouraging and adorable.

  • Not directly related to moving, but I randomly received a free upgrade on my cell phone, so now I have a RAZR which makes texting a world easier. Had my plan changed too, so I now have unlimited texting. Because of this I made good use of Twitter during my Time of No Internet. Annnyhoo, feel free to add me if you've got a Twitter account, or, heck, if you don't have my cell number and want to text me sometime, leave me a comment and I'll get it to you.

  • I plan on getting up some pictures sooner than later, of the new place, and the kitties, and whatever else...ACTUALLY. Why don't I just do that meme, since I'm at it? Comment with something you want me to take a picture of, and I'll post it in a later entry!

Now I am going to attempt to catch up with the flist, though it's been, for all intents and purposes, about two weeks since I've had a chance to look at it closely, so it's pretty likely I will miss out on stuff. If there's anything you want me to know about or link me to, leave a comment, please! I can't guarantee I'll see it otherwise.

It's good to be back! I missed you all! ♥~
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