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Yay, new apartment~

Here's the requested pictures from the photo meme, as well as a small tour:

Okay, so adesso and the_firefly wanted pictures of my books. They are still a mess right now because I haven't alphabetized them yet. I was waiting for us to get internet access so I could update my update my goodreads account at the same time. Shh, I like to organize things.

adesso also wanted the gaming area. We have a small den/office that serves as our lair of geekery. Right now we've got two tvs in there, a PS2, a 360, and a Super Nintendo, with plans for a PS3. The boys had a Wii, but they just decided they didn't play it enough and got rid of it. ;_; No more virtual boxing for me.

Here's my computer desk in there, while I'm at it...

...and, on the other side of the room, the boys' computer & their fish tank.

For dawnrune:
Hmm, what could be behind that mysterious curtain? Let's take a look, shall we?

GASP! It's a bathtub!

Time for a kitty break! faemous and the_firefly requested kitties, too.

So. This is Jack, the boys' cat. Kitten really, but he's growing fast. Yes, he wears little shirts a lot of the time, has since they got him, because they think it's cute, I suppose. He doesn't seem to care or even really notice, and it is cute, even if I thought it was weird at first.

Chillin' on the window sill with Little Wooden Boy (50 points for remembering what he's from).


In a different shirt, just for faemous.

Then there's my cat, Éowyn. She is still adjusting to the new place, and the new roommates, and most of all, the new kitten, who thinks having another cat around is amazing and follows her around almost everywhere, sometimes deciding to randomly pounce. She's a little overwhelmed still, but she does like to look out the window into the street.

Inspecting/sniffing plants is also a good time, apparently.

jazzyjello & indefiance wanted my bed.

...Just don't look over to the other side of the room, because there is still some unpacking chaos there.

dawnrune and indefiance also wanted pictures of me, I am.

And etherealvitriol wanted a picture of me naked, is my naked foot. :|

the_firefly wanted something that reminded me of her. Obviously, that thing is a penguin christmas ornament.

He opens up and plays music ("O, Holy Night" I think? can't remember)
while ice skating penguins rotate around a christmas tree. Sorry it's blurry.

faemous wanted a picture of the toaster...

And while I'm at it, here's the kitchen. It's a walk-through. One side...

...and the other.

We have a pantry!!! ...Which is already filled with tons of stuff.

Aaand, I think I did all the requests, so here is a picture of the living room,
complete with laptop and cat looking out the window.

Television side, & dvds.

The living room flows into the dining room. All the walls are pretty blank, because we haven't had a chance to do much decorating yet. In here, we plan to each paint our own canvas and hang all three on the far wall, so it's a little bit of all of us. We will hopefully do that this weekend. I think it'll be fun.

I think that's pretty much it!

Let's close on a sleeping kitty. ♥
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