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This entry is extremely disjointed and contains random flailing about various series. Be forewarned.

Finally watched the first episode of Clannad ~after story~ and...

OTP. Just...OTP.

I can't even explain why I ship Tomoyo/Sunohara as hard as I do. I just know that every time she beats him up, my heart goes *pitter-pat* He's such a spazzy failure too, so obviously he is my favorite character of the whole franchise. OMG, excited for the next episode. I'll watch some more later, but I am behind in like a billion and nine series I (in theory) follow.

Oh, but! Bleeeach. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...actually, never mind, I can't count that high, haha. I love that...honestly, what is going on right now? Not even that interesting (relatively, I mean; it's mostly just fighting now and you all know I prefer plot & character moments to fight scenes) and I am STILL totally into it. I mean...okay, it helps that my favorite bitch-ninja is have a hot battle with an arrancar that looks a bit like Tatsuki, so. Uhm. It might help to know that for SOME REASON, I am very fond of the (extreme crack) pairing of Soi Fong/Tatsuki. (Someone even wrote it for me for bleach_yurithon; you definitely should go read it now [it's PG-rated, with an alternate sex scene that can be skipped if you are not into girlsex]!) But, back to the chapter: it's just just for shallow reasons I'm enjoying it (though shallow reasons help). I dunno, Kubo just has this way of presenting stuff so it draws me in. When I read the chapter last night I was spazzing and flailing about Oomaeda's shikai, and I don't even like Oomaeda. </inner Soi> ENDLESS HEARTS.

Kekkaishi is also amazing. The scanlation group just released a batch of like six or seven chapters last weekend, and...need more. Now, please. I am both excited about and afraid for when the scanlators catch up with the Japanese release, because while it will probably mean more regular scans, it will also mean no more big batches of story being released all at once. Ugh, and I keep forgetting to make that download post for the manga. I NEED TO DO THAT. Because this series is amazing and one of my favorites and it seriously needs and deserves more love and fandom attention. I should make a serious effort to do up that post before November, because once NaNoWriMo hits, who knows if I'll have time to do much of anything.

Speaking of NaNoWriMo; I mentioned this in my last entry, but figure I will again, since we're getting closer to the actual start date: NaNoWriMo account here, NaNo LJ account here; feel free to add both! I still have no idea what I'm going to write, but that worked for me before (the year I won, I purposely started at midnight on November 1st having done absolutely no planning/plotting/brainstorming of any kind beforehand. even though I had no clue what it was even about at first, all the threads started to come together pretty neatly. it was cool). Anyway, this year I want just some rough ideas to work from, though still minimal planning. We shall see.

Hmm. I really need to go through and organize my tags a little better. </random>

Apropos of nothing, everyone should download this song: EA Choir - Oh No You Didn't
Tags: anime, bleach, fic rec, kekkaishi, manga, nanowrimo, writing
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