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Thanks so much to the people who wished me a happy birthday! ♥

And oh man. Oh man. adesso drew Beatrix/Steiner for me njkhadhfs [go here and tell her how awesome she is :3 ]

I also got a polar bear! :D

Moving right along...some bullet points; writing-related, mostly.
  • Still behind on my NaNoWriMo, though I am pretty confident I can catch up easily now, because I think I've finally figured out what is happening, and things are going easier now. I still don't have have a clue what the major plot is going to be, but I think things will Reveal Themselves as I keep writing. Not really sure what my word count is, though, as today's and Monday's writing are both in notebooks right now, waiting to be typed up.

  • Signed up at himitsu_santa. I hesitated for half a minute, thinking maybe I shouldn't attempt it because I may very well be burnt out on writing by December, but...I was already sad about missing participating last year. Plus, I am really excited for my prompts and I'm totally looking forward to seeing what my Santa ends up writing.

  • ...also signed up for Yuletide. Debated about this one for a liiiiittle bit longer, because in addition to the above-mentioned concern, now I had to add the fact that I was already signed up for one December fic exchange, plus Yuletide is a little...intimidating, I think. I've seen so many amazing fics come out of it. That's inspiring too, though. And considering that I've been meaning to do Yuletide for years and have just always managed to miss the sign-ups... I didn't want to let the chance slip by, I guess. Also am super-excited about the things I requested, though there is one prompt I am contemplating changing, just because I thought of something else that fills me with even more glee. I'm a little upset that somehow Genshiken was deemed ineligible, though; I can't quite wrap my brain around how that works, since the fandom is pretty much non-existent. I was going to request Tanaka/Ohno otaku cosplay love too. Alas. DESPITE THIS, STILL VERY EXCITED~~!! I hope I don't burst before I get my assignment.

  • Also still chipping away at these. I am working on them in between NaNo-ing, and yes, I am counting the words I write on them in November towards my word count. This seems like a good compromise to me, since I want to do both my origfic NaNo story, but also am compelled to keep working on those prompts. I'm in the midst of two One Piece fics now, and am amused that the first OP fics I'm writing involve gender-/bodyswitch. I feel lame that I wasn't able to just whip these out like I'd hoped, but they started wanting to get longer and I wanted to put more effort into them, so... I'm going to try really really hard to finish them all, though, and not just abandon half of them unwritten, as has unfortunately become a habit with me recently. Oh, and feel free to toss in a prompt, if you want to and haven't already.

  • NOT related to writing, but my watch strap cracked and is about ready to completely break. Contemplating whether to do a quick duct tape repair job, or just buy a new watch. Hm.
I think that's about it.
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