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Flist-in-general, feel free to ignore this, since it's really only meant for one anonymous person.

Dear Yuletide Writer,

First of all, thank you! This is my first year doing Yuletide, but it's been the reading stories written by people like you in years past that got me interested in participating in the first place. I did try to cover all the basic points in my original requests, but I hope this helps you further. And just because I mention something does not mean I expect it; I'm fairly easy-going on most things and would rather that you write a story that you are comfortable with and can be proud of, rather than just trying to cram in as many of my random tidbits as possible. I'm just mentioning as much stuff as I can think of to give you a clearer idea of the things I like/dislike, and hopefully help spark some ideas! ♥

General likes/dislikes:
  • I am very, very fond of yuri & slash (of the w/w variety). Though I'm fine with & a fan of many het pairing, and am occasionally interested in certain yaoi/(m/m)slash pairings, girl/girl is normally my favorite. This doesn't necessarily mean smut (though that is welcome, of course)--I go just as starry-eyed over sweet hand-holding & nervous first kisses as I do for hot'n'heavy makeouts & sex--oftentimes more so, depending on the execution. So if you happened to get one of the fandoms I requested yuri/slash in, but are worried about your abilities to write girl!sex, take heart!

  • ...that being said, if you DO decide to go the smut route, things I am very fond of seeing are: breast- & nippleplay and cunnilingus, as well as extended foreplay. Light bondage and roleplay are okay, talking/communication during sex is also nice. Please avoid: vulgar/dirty talk, food in sex, extensive use of toys. (All of this applies to both het and yuri/slash.)

  • I love plot. If you manage to write me something with a storyline above and beyond the requested character/pairing interaction, I will very probably swoon.

  • I tend to like a wide range of tones, depending on the source material. For most of the requests I made here, though, I prefer it be relatively light, with no soul-crushing angst--Heavenly Creatures is the exception to that.

  • I usually don't like AU, but I love AR. (And I know that different fandoms use different terms, so for the sake of clarity: AU=canon-based characters in a non-canon setting, e.g. a "high school' AU. AR=canon-setting with a divergence, often a "what if" scenario; e.g. 'what if Whatshisname never died?') It might seem like a small distinction, but it's an important one to me.

  • I also love backstory, humor, slice-of-life, dialogue, inner monologue, and description. In character interaction, I am fond of playfulness/teasing, shyness/hesitation, body language showing what the characters can't quite say, and cute nervousness/blushing (all when actually suited to the characters in question, of course; don't feel the need to force something at the cost of being IC).
On to the specific requests!

Genfic featuring Yoshimori, Tokine, & Gen. Something like the three of them hanging out outside of Karasumori (Tokine & Yoshimori trying to get Gen to loosen up & have fun w/them?) would be A+. Preferably taking place after they really start to get along and gel as a team (but obviously before Gen's death). Hints of Yoshi-->Tokine are welcome, but no overt pairings, please. A hopeful tone with a dash of light comedy is preferred, though some bittersweetness/foreshadowing of Gen's fate is fine. Including Madarao and Hakubi in the story for maximum snark is a bonus.

The only thing I can think of further to say for this is I really want to see Yoshi, Tokine, and Gen be featured equally; i.e. not have the major focus be more on Gen & Yoshi or Yoshi & Tokine, with the third person just making a token appearance at some point. I love the three of them together, and that's really what I'd like to see (platonic OT3 all the way!). I'd also prefer no fic taking place after Gen's death; no ghost!Gen or Gen-comes-back-from-the-dead. However, if you'd like to make the story an AR, so that Gen never died in the first place, I am okay with that!

Kondo/Sacchan--they both have the same hobby; namely, stalking. I'd like pairing fic with the two of them; it can be hinted-at subtext with a more general bent, an actual burgeoning romance, or a sexy one-time fling to pass the time while on a stalking excursion in the same place--it's all good. I'd just like to see these two together. Of course, since this is Gintama, a ridiculous/comedic tone is important, though some light angst is fine if it fits the story--just no complete downer, please.

Not too much to add here; I'm pretty open to whatever! Gintama is ridiculous, so you have a lot of leeway for cracky, silly fun. :)

Heavenly Creatures
Something to do with Juliet & Pauline, their fantasy worlds (Borovnia/The Fourth World), and the mixing up of fantasy and reality in their perceptions. I'm pretty open to just about anything with this one; feel free to go as light-hearted or dark on the tone as you like, but a dash of mania/madness would be appreciated. Pairings not necessary, but Pauline-as-Charles/Juliet-as-Deborah, Diello/Pauline-as-Gina, and/or just plain old Pauline/Juliet would be VERY welcomed.

One of the things I love so much about this movie is the way fantasy and reality are juxtaposed; I'm really hoping to get a story with that same kind of feeling to it. Feel free to get experimental with the writing in this one, and I'm fine with it going very dark if need be. While I'd love to see any/all of the pairings mentioned above, I also recognize that they are not exactly healthy relationships by any means, so I don't necessarily want all sweetness and light--heavy angst is fine, mindgames are fine, anything you feel fits into the feel of the canon, basically: from girly, light-hearted interaction between them to dangerous obsession.

Suikoden V
Yuri pairing, please: Lucretia/Lelei. Maybe expanding on how Lucretia began to teach Lelei in strategy and how it developed into something more, or perhaps filling in the blanks on how they spent that night before the big battle. Smut is welcomed, but not necessary. (I also tend to think of Cathari and Lucretia as ex-lovers, so extra credit if you can use that tidbit somehow. Heck, I'm even open to a threesome if you so desire, though I'd still prefer the main focus be on Lucretia/Lelei.) Some angst/bittersweetness is fine, but please keep some degree of hopefulness and give me a happy ending. No non-con or hurt/comfort, and PLEASE do not pair any of these three ladies up (romantically/sexually) with a man.

Though Cathari was selected as one of the characters, it isn't compulsory she be included. As I mentioned in the request, I have a little head-canon backstory that would be nice to see worked in, but don't feel it needs to be shoe-horned in if it's not working for you. Cathari herself can just have a small cameo or only a mention, or be left out completely, if you'd like--I really want the major focus to be on Lucretia and Lelei as a romantic pairing. An outside plot involving the Prince and his army would be nice, but it can also be set pre- or post-game.


That's all I can think of to mention right now, so I hope you find it helpful! Of course, you are welcome to poke through my writing journal to see what kinds of things I like to write & read, as well as to look back in my journal for inspiration (nearly everything is unlocked).

Thanks again!

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