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The people who follow me on Twitter will already know this, but I had a...minor accident, I guess? while driving home from my parents' house. Basically, I'd been driving for about half-hour when I noticed the road was icy. So I slowed down a bit. Drove a little further and that's when abruptly all the cars in front of me started braking and sliding. At the time I had no idea why they were all braking to suddenly, but on reflection, probably someone started to slide off the road and that caused everyone to panic? Can't be sure. But anyway, I had no choice but to brake too, and I started to slide. Slid right off the road, into the ditch at an angle, and through a fence. Hitting the fence post made my car spin around, before coming to a stop facing the opposite direction.

I'm perfectly fine. While it was happening, it was so fast I really had no time to do anything but think "I'm wearing my seatbelt; I'll be okay even if the car flips"-- because for a horrible moment, I was sure it was going to, the ditch was so steep. And then I went through the fence and it was pretty much over. There were at least three or four other cars along the road in the ditch on my side, and someone else must have called 911 first because just after I got out of my car to see the damage, I could hear the sirens. Anyway, from there, gave them my info and waited for a tow truck to come get me out; didn't take too long. My car is actually not in that bad of shape, either, considering. The major damage seems to be a big dent near the front wheel where I hit the fence post. It looks like it can be banged out without too much trouble, but I'm not an expert. In the meantime, I can't open my driver's side door all the way. The other major thing I noticed was my radio antenna was completely torn off. That sucked, because for the rest of my drive back until I got closer to the Twin Cities, I could only get one station to come in most of the time.

That's pretty much that. I've never been in any kind of accident before (closest was having a tire blowout on the interstate, I guess), so as far as accidents go, it wasn't bad. Could've been a lot worse, definitely.

On a completely different subject... does anyone else have a PS3? Particularly LittleBigPlanet? My roommates and I love it and I just realized that we might be able to play online with some flisters. Comment and let me know if you're interested? :D
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