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I don't even know. Apparently it's been almost a month since I last wrote in here so...oops? Things have been busy, but in a slippery way where I didn't really feel busy, or rushed, but was just preoccupied enough with various tasks that I'd look back at the end of the day and go, "Whoa, where did the time go?" This has resulted in me being extremely neglectful of my LJ, my flist and commenting (as well as RP), not to mention various other things.

Holiday cards, for one. They are still going out, but a lot later than planned. In years past, they would have long since arrived for everyone by now, excepting maybe a few overseas people. This year, not so much. They'll probably not be in the mail till Friday, so most domestic people should get them before New Years, at least. I hope. There are a few of you also getting packages (you probably know who you are), and those won't be going out till sometime in January, but I'll send your cards with the rest so you'll at least get those sooner. I'm sure it's not even a big deal to most people, but I wanted to give a status update, because I feel bad for being so very not-on-the-ball.

And while we're on the subject of cards...ariyanaforever, dawnrune, feenekks, fightfair, lintsister, and the_firefly: I got your cards/packages! ♥

I've really found that my biggest problem when writing fic that does not have a specific deadline is actually finishing it. I don't know. Like these (and yes, some of these too)? So many of them have been started, some are even aaalmost done, but I still can't manage to finish them in a reasonably length of time. And, granted, sometimes I get a request that I am just not feeling or have no idea what to write for, and I always feel a little guilty about that, but I suppose if it's not there, it's not there. I'm not even talking about that, though. These are prompts I find inspiring, that spark ideas and stories I want to write, but I just run out of gas or something? It's frustrating, and I'm trying to figure out how to solve this problem I have of being good at starting, but not so much at ending. It's definitely gotten noticeably worse over the years, too. I guess I'm also saying that for most of those prompts, barring unforeseen circumstances, they will be written eventually, because they interest me. Apparently I need a deadline to make me get down to business, though, and self-imposed ones tend not to work, I suppose because there are no real consequences for not finishing "on time?" I rarely have this problem with things like fic exchanges/contest comms. Hm.

Speaking of which: I signed up for three separate holiday fic exchanges/secret santas this year, Yuletide being the first. I've actually been meaning to do Yuletide for yeeears, but I always managed to miss the sign-ups, so it was a huge thrill to finally be a part of it this year. The fandom I was assigned to write for was a little surprising, but in a good way, and I actually liked what I wrote, so I hope my requester enjoys it. The archive opens up soon, and ihfdaosfd I have to admit I am really excited to see what fic I'll get. I had an initial bit of disappointment when looking on the website after the upload deadline--my request was among the ones that had been defaulted on. In a way I feel a little spoilt or ungrateful or what-have-you that my first reaction on seeing that was, "what if I don't get a story? D:" but especially since this is my first year participating in Yuletide, I can't pretend I wasn't really excited and really looking forward to seeing what was written for me, so the prospect of not getting anything was rather disappointing. However, I also didn't realize their system for pinch-hits was such a well-oiled machine; looks like there was no need to worry for me or any of the other 160-or-so whose writers had defaulted. The countdown ticker on the site shows about three hours, give or take, till the archive goes live. Eee, exciting!

But for now (or after I finish this entry, at least) it's best for me to get back to finishing fic for the other two exchanges (himitsu_santa and a mallowmateys exchange). Incidentally, anyone interested in some last minute beta-ing? Can't name the fandoms here for secrecy, of course, but I'm more concerned with grammar/typo issues and a check for flow, so even if you may not know the fandoms-in-question, any help would be appreciated.

To finish this entry off, some random pimps/recs:
  • Jumping out of cakes should only be done by professionals. [Gintama; Sacchan/Kondo, R] Somewhere along the line, this became my Gintama crackpairing of choice. Sacchan is one of my favorite Gintama characters in general (dunno; she just cracks me up), and I like Kondo a lot, but not with Otae, and...they are both stalkers, so it just kind of clicked for me? Unfortunately, I could find zero fic for it. I even started writing my own, just so there would be some, but it's not really the same, you know? Then danbi surprised me with this for my birthday and just...endless hearts. *cough* Literally, apparently, or at least as endless as the character limit allows. >.>

  • The Best Cure for Homesickness [One Piece; Usopp + Chopper, G] I'm still pretty new to One Piece, but I just love love love so many of the dynamics between the characters. I love that it's not just the Straw Hats as a group (though that one is there, obviously & importantly), but that among the crew they all have their more individual, one-on-one dynamics and just...guh. So well-defined and so much love. And one of my favorite duos is Usopp and Chopper (doesn't hurt that individually they are two of the four tied for my favorite OP character), so I squealed to see that abarero had written about them for me. It's a cute, sweet story; a perfect little winter holiday treat.

  • The Roots of Heaven [multi-chapter Bleach, ARish; Ichigo+Renji+Rukia (with eventual IchiRukiRen), PG-13 to R] This story, you guys. This story. I've been doing some beta work on it for hallowd, and let me tell you, it was a struggle to keep mum about it before she started posting because it's just so good. Now there is no reason for me not to shout from the rooftops: READ THIS! It's set post-winter war. Rukia was believed to be KIA, but Ichigo and Renji find evidence to the contrary and mount a retrieval mission. Don't expect anything like a rehash of the Soul Society arc, though. This is an original, genre-bending, tightly-plotted and wonderfully-written fic; part buddy film/travelogue, part horror, part mystery, with smatterings of other good stuff, and all awesome. The main focus is of course on Rukia, Ichigo, and Renji, so don't expect to see a lot of other Bleach characters, but that shouldn't be a deterrent, in my opinion. I think the main thing someone might balk at is the length: it's already weighing in at eighteen healthy-sized chapters and still ongoing, and to be quite honest, I have no idea how long it will end up being before it's done. I'm pretty sure once the story gets its claws in you, though, you'll be just as hooked as I am. The link above goes to her directory of sorts for the fic; all chapters can be reached from there.
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