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I am long, long overdue for an actual journal entry. I keep putting it off, though. Partly, I think, I've just been in hiding. Things have not been the greatest lately, and I haven't been in the best mood or frame of mind, and...okay, I know I can write about whatever I darn well please in my own journal, but I like to think of it as my happy place, as my fandom place, and keep the personal whining/ranting/whatever to a minimum. It's not even as much for other people's benefit as for my own right now. So...maybe at some point in the future I'll feel comfortable writing up a long entry about my ~trials and tribulations~, but now is not that time. Right now I mostly just realized that I MISS LJ, and I miss the people here, and I miss commenting and all that. I miss you all.

For a good long while there I was still faithfully reading my flist, even though I rarely commented, but I admit in the past few weeks I have gotten mostly lax even about reading people's entries half the time. And, yeah, I miss it. I don't want to just hide away and forget people and be forgotten because of it. I miss a lot of people and it is no one's fault but my own that I haven't been reaching out like I used to. And the longer I went without posting, the bigger a deal writing a new entry seemed to me. It's not like I even write much about my personal life in here to begin with, and I don't think I really expected to have to write a really detailed personal entry, but it was more what it represented to me, you know?

...Haha, this entry makes no sense and is probably somewhat melodramatic anyway. Whoops. It's a start, though. I feel like the seal has been broken. It should get easier again from here, I hope. Baby steps.

Aaand I was planning on segueing into some fandom/writing stuff from here so this entry would have a little more measurable content, but you know? I think I'm fine just leaving it as is.
Tags: rambling, who evens knows
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